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+ Article discussing the top ten ways of not asking a fellow Webmaster to exchange links with you, or how to get your link exchange request deleted quickly.
+ Linkism.com's Webmaster section aims to provide webmasters with marketing, promotional and web design tips. We focus on art sites because that's where our passion is, but the website promotion articles, tips and resources will also be useful for all website owners.

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link exchange request articles Top 10 Link Exchange Request Don'ts

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When your website starts growing in popularity, you will begin to get a steady stream of link exchange requests from webmasters. Exchanging links can be an excellent way of cheap marketing if it is done right. The Internet has become what it is today because of websites linking to each other. It is how news spreads and it's one of the best ways to discover new sites relating to your particular interests.

Webmasters quickly discovered that getting more and more exchange links could influence their results on the Google search engine, so of course people abused the method. Suddenly sites about flowers would have a hundred pages of exchange links from sites about loans, gambling, and whoever else requested an exchange link. Google became wise to the whole fiasco and began devaluing link exchanges, particularly between unrelated sites.

That doesn't mean that exchange links are no longer of any value, it just means that it should be done properly, and it should benefit your visitors. A small collection of related exchange links can add value to your website and be a great place to share some good Internet resources with your visitors.

Asking other webmasters to exchange links with you can be quite frustrating though. Webmasters often delete link exchange requests without even opening the e-mail! Here's a list of ten reasons why I delete requests..

Unrelated Website 1) Unrelated Website
Seriously, what value would I be adding to an artist's website by exchanging links with gambling sites? Would a visitor come to to an artist's website to look for gambling information, and vice versa? If you have a website that is about artists, at least make sure link exchange requests are sent to other art related websites!

no longer accepting link exchange requests 2) You are no longer accepting link exchange requests
If it says on the website that they are no longer accepting exchange links, it usually means they are no longer accepting exchange links! It sounds commonsense, but trust me, it doesn't stop people from sending requests.

Generic link exchange request 3) Generic link exchange request
If you receive the same link exchange request that a thousand other webmasters have just received, it makes it so much easier to just click the delete button.

Excessive flattery 4) Excessive flattery
Politeness is good, but obvious excessive flattery can become tiring, especially when it is the same flattery as the last 5 link exchange requests you have just received. The technique probably worked on webmasters the first few times they were given a pile of praise about their website by an excessive link requester, but people grow wise quickly.

Unfair link exchange request 5) Unfair link exchange request
If your website has a small collection of 10 categorized quality links and the person requesting a link exchange with you has a free for all collection of 100+ uncategorized spammy sites, where do you think the link request is going? Exactly, straight into "deleted items".

New or under construction site 6) New or under construction site
Asking an established website that has worked hard over many months or years to build a reputation and steady stream of traffic is not going to be interested in exchanging links with a site that is still being built or just finished. At least take the "under construction" banner off your site before sending out link exchange requests.

Please add my link first 7) "Please add my link first"
If you are asking to exchange links with another Webmaster, make sure you have at least added their link first. Telling them to add your link first is just rude.

Hidden link pages 8) Hidden link pages
Hiding your links page while mine is prominently placed on every page is not fair.. "Delete"!

Requested title is long and spammy 9) Requested title is long and spammy
Opening a link exchange request and seeing that they are expecting you to add a title like "Best Website Designer and Developer in India" means you shouldn't even have to check their website, as the request is being "deleted".

link exchanges are good 10) Why link exchanges are good
If the first couple paragraphs is telling me why link exchanges are great and how I could increase my Google PageRank by linking to them, the e-mail is immediately deleted.

Link Exchange Conclusion Link Exchange Conclusion?
Any Webmaster with a moderately successful website will get plenty of link exchange requests and they also probably don't have a lot of spare time to waste. If you take the time to write something very brief and personal about the site you want to exchange links with, and it seems like an equal exchange, you will probably have a much higher success rate with exchange link requests. If you use any of the techniques listed above, there is a good chance they will be heading straight to someone's "deleted items".

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