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+ Listing of Body Modification resources online. Includes Body Modifying studios, information on the art of Body Modification and people that modify their body.

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  • BME World new window - bme world
    Community of body modifiers with a varied group of bodmodders displaying images of their modifications and information on the processes of being modified. - categories - Body Modifying
  • Lizard Man new window - lizard man
    Online home of the heavily modified Lizard Man. Includes information on the transformation of the lizard man, online journal, and body modification resources. - categories - Body Modifying
  • Modcon new window - modcon
    Body Modification event with an invite only policy. It caters to people actively involved in subincision, castration, amputation, surgical modification, atypical implant art, and related advanced activities. - categories - Body Modifying
  • Wikipedia Description new window - body modification
    Body modification or body alteration is a detailed description of the body art at the free encyclopedia online. - categories - Body Modifying
  • Submit Body Modification Website new window - body modification
    List your Body Art or Body Modification website to the Linkism art directory online. - categories - Body Arts - Body Modification

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