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+ The Music Directories category includes categories websites online relating to music.

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Musician Directories Musician Directories

  • MusicMoz new window - music moz
    Comprehensive volunteer edited music directory of resources and information relating music. Includes lyrics, music by style, musical instruments, and singing resources. - categories - Music Directories -
  • Music Yellow Pages new window - music yellow pages
    Musicians directory of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and nationwide retailers within music, sound reinforcement, lighting, dj and entertainment industry. - categories - Music Directories -
  • Singer Songwriter new window - singer songwriter
    Web directory of online resources for singers, musicians, and songwriters. Also includes an online music forum for music artists. - categories - Music Directories -
  • Yahoo Directory new window - yahoo
    Music category on the Yahoo web directory is a comprehensive listing of music websites and resources online for musicians. - categories - Music Directories -

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