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+ Resources on Contemporary Art with websites about modern and contemporary art, famous contemporary artists online and selected art text written about contemporary art.

Famous Contemporary Artists
german artist Georg Baselitz Georg Baselitz
Jean Michel Basquiat Jean Michel Basquiat
Ken Done Ken Done
british artist damien hirst Damien Hirst
german artist anselm kiefer Anselm Kiefer
John Olsen John Olsen
german artist gerhard richter Gerhard Richter
Susan Rothenberg Susan Rothenberg
Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel
Abstract Artist Cy Twombly Cy Twombly
brett whiteley australian artist Brett Whiteley
Fred Williams australian artist Fred Williams

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  • Encyclopedia Description new window - encyclopedia
    Short description of Contemporary Art at Encyclopedia.com. Described as "the art of the late 20th cent. and early 21st cent., both an outgrowth and a rejection of modern art".
    http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/c1/cntmpryart.asp - categories - Contemporary Art
  • Wikipedia Description new window - wikipedia
    Contemporary art entry on the free encyclopedia online, Wikipedia. Described briefly as "contemporary art encompasses all art being done now. It tends to include any art made from around the 1960s to the present, or after the end of the modern art period".
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contemporary_art - categories - Contemporary Art
  • Wikipedia Listings new window - wikipedia
    Listing of selected contemporary working artists and painters on the free encyclopedia online, Wikipedia. The listing includes a mixed group of contemporary artists with many not so famous artists listed.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_contemporary_artists - categories - Contemporary Art
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    Click on the link above to submit your Contemporary art or famous Contemporary artist URL to our arts directory.
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