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+ The Mixed Media Artists category includes a selection of fine artists working in several media. Includes painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and more.

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Mixed Media and Multiple Media Artists Mixed Media and Multiple Media Artists

  • Evangeline Cachinero new window - Australian Artist
    Australian emerging artist working in mixed media and painting based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Includes giclee prints, cotton rag prints, original artwork, artist blog, and limited edition prints. - categories -- Painters - Mixed Media - Australian Artists
  • Hadiya Finley new window - American artist
    Fine art by a contemporary artist using diverse media that includes sculpture, painting, installation, animation and greeting cards. The work is based primarily on the interpretation of the female form. - categories -- Painters - Mixed Media - American
  • Paula Franzini new window - Abstract Digital Art
    Online art gallery of playful abstract mixed-media printmaking and painting, exploring the interplay between improvisation/intuition and control/selection. Inspired by mathematics, biology, computers and physics, these pieces are imaginary representation of the abstract beauty of purely conceptual concepts such as mathematical functions or equations. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Mixed Media - Canadian
  • Dwora Fried new window - mixed media artist
    Showcases the collages and boxes of an American artist. - categories -- Collages - Mixed Media - American Artists
  • Joseph Giunta new window - mixed media artist
    Profile of the Canadian artist wih an online gallery of oil paintings, drawings, mixed media abstract assemblages, and collage art. The documentary about the artist (Discover Giunta) is available online in DVD format. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Collage Art - Mixed Media - Canadian
  • Matt Godwin new window - expressionist artist
    Contemporary American artist currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Multiple Media - American
  • Daina Krumins new window - artist filmmaker
    American artist and filmmaker using a variety of mediums to create films, photomontages and other works. - list of -- American Artists - Multiple Media - Video Artists
  • Anne Langdon new window - Australian painter
    Australian printmaker, painter and artist working in various other mediums. Studio situated in scenic Smythesdale, Victoria, Australia amid the kangaroos, cockatoos and chickens. The artist works in a figurative manner with her own dreamlike qualities that establish her original style. - categories -- Painters - Mosaic Artists - Mixed Media - Australia
  • Arturo Lini new window - italian artist
    Eclectic Italian abstract painter and poet with several galleries of work online, including the "Visual Poetry" series. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Mixed Media - Italian
  • Christine Maudy new window - abstract artist
    Contempory abstract art by French-born Australian artist Christine Maudy. Emphasis on color and texture as well as experimentation in mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Mixed Media - Australian
  • David Quinn new window - abstract artist
    Contemporary abstract painter based in Dublin, Ireland. Features an online portfolio of contemporary gouache, watercolor and mixed media paintings. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Contemporary - Irish - Mixed Media
  • Jane Rubin new window - Basketball Art and Metaphor
    American painter, writer and multimedia creative director who creates formally innovative and frequently erotic paintings and drawings, including live-action drawings and paintings of professional and non-professional male athletes. - categories -- Painters - Multiple Media - Erotic Art - American
  • Ann Russell new window - Australian Artist
    Assemblage and bricolage artist living and working in Australia, encorporating found objects, fibre, textiles, crystal, beads, plastic, glass and resin. - categories -- Mixed Media - Assemblage Art - Australian Artists
  • Marilyn Stevens new window - American Artist
    Mixed media artist featuring portfolio of 2-d and 3-d work. Site includes contact, commissions and information about the artist. - categories -- Assemblage Art - Mixed Media - American
  • Nicoletta Veronesi new window - italian artist
    Italian artist using a variety of mediums, including digital photography, collage, design, painting, and mixed media. - categories -- Digital Artists - Mixed Media - Italian
  • Robert Villamagna new window - assemblage & mixed media
    West Virginia artist creates assemblages, collages, and mixed media works using deconstructed product containers and a variety of found objects. Site features images of work, studio shots, exhibition calendar, and contact information. - categories -- Collage Art - Mixed Media - American Artists
  • Isreal Caine new window - bone deep tatooist
    California based artist working with acrylic, photography, digital and skin in San Diego. - categories - Multiple Media - Tattooist
  • Shaun Gardiner new window - some kind of error
    The gallery of a loose art collective, featuring art in both traditional and digital media, music, photos, poems, illustrated stories and articles. - categories - Multiple Media
  • Wartena Jan Willem new window - artxs
    Art, science and in particular gene technology form the central theme of Wartena’s work. Dutch artist working with several mediums to create drawings, sculpture and photography. - categories -
    New Media Art - Dutch - Multiple Media
  • DebraAnn Kasimakis new window - panda graphics
    Full service design company which features the painting, sculpture and jewelry of DebraAnn Kasimakis. Also public art event coordination and commercial art services. - categories - Multiple Media
  • Nevan Lahart new window - nevan lahart
    Contemporary Irish artist working in several mediums, addressing contemporary issues and topics. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - Irish - Multiple Media
  • Kevin Marriott new window - kevin marriot
    Works in a variety of media that include abstract, realist and surrealist paintings and drawings. Also includes painted glassware. - categories - Painters - United Kingdom - Multiple Media
  • Kerrigan McCarthy new window - web design and fine art
    Fine Art and Web Design portfolio of Kerrigan McCarthy, an artist and user experience professional living in Northern California. Design resources and amusements are also included. - categories - Web Designers - Multiple Media Artists
  • Andy Morris new window - andy morris
    Toronto based conceptual artist promoting the artists' painting, drawing and video installations. The site features the artist journal, a discussion forum and an image and video gallery. - categories - Multiple Media - Canadian
  • Max Magnus Norman new window - new media artist
    Dreamlike but realistic paintings and totem-like expressionistic sculpture. Also includes other projects like the Abashera game, an artist blog, discussion forums and more. - categories - Multiple Media
  • Apostolos Panagopoulos new window - apostolos
    Greek born artist living and working in the Netherlands. Includes work in several mediums or "omnimedial". - categories - Dutch - Multiple Media - Contemporary
  • Drew Vics new window - shark lounge
    New Jersey based artist specializing in people and pet pencil portraits, murals, and digital illustration. The site is also home to his digital recording projects. - categories - Multiple Media
  • Katarzyna Zelaska new window - zelaska
    Find a selection of artworks and exhibitions of a contemporary abstract painter. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, and now living and working in Paris, France. - categories - Painters - Abstract - Multiple Media - French
  • Submit Your Multiple Media Art Website new window - submit new media art site
    Click on the link above to submit your Multiple Media Art URL to our arts directory. - categories - New Media Art


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