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+ The American Painters category includes a selection of contemporary painters from the United States of America.

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  • Judy Abbott new window - american painter
    American realist painter displaying contemporary realist landscape paintings, forest scenes, and Western landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Realist - American
  • Michael Lynn Adams new window - realist painter
    Landscape, still life, and figurative art work by contemporary realist painter Michael Lynn Adams. - categories -- Painters - Still Life Painters - Realist - American
  • Michele Amatrula new window - Pet Portraits
    Professional pet portrait artist doing commissions for dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animals. Creating realistic pet portraits in both oils and pencil. - categories -- Pet Portraits - Dog Portraits - Horses - American Artists
  • Monica Araoz new window - abstract art
    Abstract fine art by a contemporary American visual artist influenced by abstract expressionism and minimalism. Large abstract art for sale direct from artist's studio. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Jenny Armitage new window - watercolor artist
    Showcase for the watercolor paintings and polymer clay sculpture of an American artist. There are links to online and real world galleries, along with a daily painting blog where paintings are for sale. - categories -- Painters - Watercolor - American
  • Michael Arnold new window - Contemporary Artist
    Original signed acrylic paintings on canvas by an American artist. Includes a selection of art for sale in a wide variety of styles and themes. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Diane Barbee new window - Contemporary Artist
    American artist producing acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and on paper. The works are contemporary and colorful, with bold compositions. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Drew Beam new window - illustrator drew beam
    American illustrator and fine artist with an online portfolio of book illustration, print ads, character designs for animation, contemporary paintings, album art and photography. - categories -- Illustrators - Drawing - American Painters
  • Dale Beckman new window - american painter
    American contemporary landscape painter and metaphysical artist. Offering original paintings and giclee prints. - list of -- Painters - Landscapes - Abstract - Giclee - American
  • Ray Becoskie new window - becoskie paintings
    Online gallery of abstract paintings by a contemporary American artist. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American Artists
  • Sandy Belock-Phippen new window - contemporary painter
    Contemporary American painter displaying a portfolio of boldly colored landscapes, still lifes, portraits and waterscapes. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Pawel Bendisz new window - Murals by Pawel
    Specializes in visualizing your ideas onto the walls of your home. Pawel has many years experience in painting murals and faux finishes. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Tara Benet new window - American Artist
    Contemporary realist artist with an online portfolio of murals, portraits and giclees prints. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Scott Benites new window - Scott Benites
    The artist's New York Sour Gallery website shows a portfolio of urban paintings and illustrations. Buy posters and original art, including his human/animal juxtaposition works. - list of -- Painters - Illustrators - Posters - American
  • Renata Bernal new window - Abstractions in acrylic
    Website dedicated to the work of New York artist Renata Bernal. Shows a large collection of oil and acrylic paintings, woodcuts, ink drawings, charcoal and pastel paintings, and other media. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Drawing - American Artists
  • Berle Bledsoe new window - wildlife artist
    Portland artist specializing in portrait paintings of people and animals. Berle prefers to paint from photographs and is an expert at imposing imagination and impression on reality. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Portrait Artists - American
  • Linda Blondheim new window - landscape painter
    Original Landscapes and stories about the adventures of an American landscape painter and artist. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Impressionist - American
  • Irvin Bomb new window - erotic art
    Paintings and drawings of female nudes by an American artist. Pay Membership required for hi-res downloads. Original art and DVDs for sale online. - categories -- Painters - Nudes - Erotic Art - American
  • Paul Bond new window - surrealist painter
    Fine art painter specializing in magic realism or surrealism. Open for commissions in any style or medium. - categories -- Painters - Surrealism - American Painters
  • Mayr Boros new window - spiritual artist
    Contemporary US spiritual artist showing textile art, quilted mosaics, stained glass, mandala art, and labyrinth inspired art. Poetry by the artist is also online. - categories -- Textile Artists - Spiritual Artists - American Artists
  • Cecilia Brendel new window - Cecilia Brendel Art
    American artist creating original oil paintings depicting landscapes, portraits, and home portraits in the manner of Thomas Kinkade. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - American Artists
  • Rada and Alexander Bukhman new window - Bukhman Gallery
    Gallery of paintings and photography by Rada and Alexander Bukhman and their guests with artwork for sale. Wide range of photography themes and paintings available online. - categories -- American Painters - American Photographers - Black & White Photos
  • Regina Calton Burchett new window - Landscape artist
    Artist paints primarily in pastels, depicting landscapes, the sky, cloud scenes, and still lifes. The artist works to instill in her work the sense of peace and awe that comes from nature. - categories -- Landscapes - Pastel Artists - American Artists
  • Jenny Buza new window - JBUZA Artist's Portfolio
    American painter with an online portfolio of abstract expressionist paintings and experimental mixed media pieces. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • John Cogan new window - landscape artist
    Nationally recognized landscape painter, painting the Grand Canyon and other National Park vistas. The site includes a short biography and an extensive gallery of his current and past works. Giclee art prints are also available. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Elizabeth Cameron new window - fiber artist
    Fantasies in Fiber are collages of many different materials such as papers, foils, fabrics, and metallics. Each piece is original and signed by the artist. - categories -- Textile Art - Collage Art - American Artists
  • Jaison Cianelli new window - abstract artist
    Original contemporary landscapes and abstract paintings, canvas prints, digital art, and drawings for sale by an American artist. - categories -- Abstract - Artist Prints - American Artists
  • Keith Clementson new window - New Experimental Genre
    A mashup of abstract art with short fiction. Experimental genre of the artist playing with form and color. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Assemblage Art - American
  • Carol Confessore new window - Pet Portraits
    Artist striving to capture your pet's unique personality and attitude on hand primed canvas using artist grade acrylics. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - American Painters
  • Christopher Mark Cook new window - American Painter and Sculptor
    Georgia based artist from the South of America, with a selection of paintings and sculpture using several styles. - categories -- Painters - Outsider Art - Contemporary - American - Sculptors
  • Marna Benton Daugherty new window - Western Spirit Productions
    High detail pencil/graphite drawings of horses by a Sedona, Arizona based artist. Also offering giclee prints, lithographs and more. - categories -- Drawings - Pet Portraits - American
  • Thomas Deir new window - hawaii artist
    Contemporary painter and muralist working in Hawaii. Displaying a selection of brightly colored realistic paintings online and accepting commissions. Specializes in permanent, outdoor/indoor tile murals for entryways, signage, pools, kitchens, baths, and more. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Yasaf Delabruere new window - Landscape Art
    Landscape paintings by Leonard, Yasaf, and Noah Delabruere. Offering both original paintings and art prints for sale. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Artist Prints - American
  • Bob Dornberg new window - impressionist oil paintings
    Online gallery featuring oil paintings produced by an expressive American artist. Dornberg is a prolific producer of oil paintings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Ron Dotson new window - wildlife artist
    Original watercolor paintings of wildlife, western scenes, sporting art and commissions. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Pet Portraits - Watercolor - American
  • Alex duMauriee new window - Alex Art Studio 145
    Original oil paintings in floral, landscape, bird, animal, character pieces, figurative, non-traditional and mixed media works of art. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Lisa Ernst new window - Still Life Paintings
    Floral and still life paintings by a colorist and contemporary realist artist working in the United States. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Rob Evans new window - contemporary realist
    Site featuring the work of a contemporary realist painter. Includes a biography, image galleries and contact information. Evans meticulous realist painting can be found in many museums throughout the United States. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Aleksandr Fayvisovich new window - russian american artist
    Russian born American painter working in New York City. Showing contemporary figurative work, landscapes, still lifes and graphics. - categories -- Painters - Still Life Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Hadiya Finley new window - American artist
    Fine art by a contemporary artist using diverse media that includes sculpture, painting, installation, animation and greeting cards. The work is based primarily on the interpretation of the female form. - categories -- Painters - Mixed Media - American
  • Randy Ford new window - American Artists
    Contemporary American photo realist artist, displaying a portfolio of street scenes, still lifes, signs, and American diners. Artist accepts commissions. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Commissions - American
  • Marcel Franquelin new window - marcel's art studio
    French born American artist accepting commissions in a variety of media, including graphite on paper, airbrush on board, and oil on canvas. Studio works include still lifes, portraits, nudes, and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - Art Commissions - American
  • Anthony Freda new window - painter and illustrator
    Award winning painter and illustrator producing comtemporary works of commercial art, personal introspection and social commentary. - categories -- Painters - Illustrators - Contemporary - American
  • Dwora Fried new window - mixed media artist
    Showcases the collages and boxes of an American artist. - categories -- Collages - Mixed Media - American Artists
  • Susi Galloway new window - Professional Artist
    Colorful and vibrant landscapes, portraits, florals, and surreal paintings and illustrations online. - categories -- Painters - Illustrators - Realist - American
  • Floyd Gentry new window - The Art of Floyd Gentry
    Collection of realist drawings and paintings that captures the myth of the west and reflect an acute sense of detail and an affection for the spirit of the west. - categories -- Painters - Pencil Drawings - Realist - American
  • Floyd Gentry new window - American Artist
    Profile of the American artist Floyd Gentry on Artist specializing in fine art oil painting, pencil drawings, fine art illustration, private/commercial commissions, and portraits. Displaying works that seek to capture the myth of the West, cattle, horses, cowboy trappings, and the rural life of the southwest and it's cultural traditions. - categories -- Horse Artists - Pencil Drawings - Realist - American
  • Sharon George new window - fantasy art
    Exquisite fantasy and goddess art prints by an award winning digital artist based in the United States. - categories -- Digital Artists - Fantasy Art - American
  • Matt Godwin new window - expressionist artist
    Contemporary American artist currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Multiple Media - American
  • Josh Goehring new window - T Maries Galleries
    Country furniture and fine art. Offering original paintings in oil, acrylic and pencil art, along with painted ceramics, country woodcrafts, home decor and a selection of handcrafted country pine furniture. - categories -- Crafts - American Painters
  • Norman Grandstaff new window - contemporary artist
    American artist working in two distinct styles. One with oil paint and lacquer and the other using oil and encaustic with other materials which is a more narrative style of painting. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Assemblage Art - American
  • Renee Grant new window - dog and cat portraits
    Realistic, life-like pet portraits in oil from photographs includes dog, cat, rabbit, and bird portraits. Landscape gallery also online. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - American - Portraits from Photos
  • Paul Gregory new window - Oil Painintgs
    Oil Painting portraits painted from your photos. Order family portraits, pet portraits, or portraits of babies and children. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Portrait Artists - American
  • Patricia A. Griffin new window - animal art
    Site contains paintings, etchings and studio shots of the artist. Depicting animals, nature and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Animal Art - Artist Prints - American
  • Harry Gruenert new window - Abstract Art Paintings
    Abstract and modern art paintings by German born artist painter Harry Gruenert who lives in California. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Bruce Gruenzel new window - artx-scapes
    Giclee prints of seascapes and landscapes from the paintings of an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Janet Hammond new window - The Art of Janet Hammond
    American portrait artist/teacher whose work is found in collections in North America and Europe. - categories -- Painters - Portrait Artists - Realist - American
  • Carol Ann Lee Hedrick new window - portrait artist
    Watercolor realist portrait painter accepting commissions and displaying dramatic figurative works online. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Watercolor - American - Portraits
  • Kathy Hosch new window - Still-Life Oil Paintings
    Still life oil paintings by an American artist. Collections include landscapes, still-lifes, florals, nature scenes, gardens, seascapes, and lighthouses. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - American
  • JK Inson new window - figurative artist
    Figurative artist and sculpter producing landscape and figurative works in a realistic style. Also offers commissioned portrait paintings and drawings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Portraits - American
  • Iwaski new window - Contemporary Art of Santa Fe
    Bold and vibrantly colored paintings by a Santa Fe based artist in the USA. Groups of paintings include Childhood Memories, The Great Goddess, Ravens, Fairy Tales and more. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - American
  • Harvey Jackson new window - muralist harvey jackson
    Showcasing some of the largest mural art in the world and promoting the services of the American muralist Harvey Jackson. Also displaying a selection of innovative weathered steel fine art. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Corey Janssen new window - Exressionist Artist
    Expressionist paintings and sculpture portfolio of the artist, with contact information for buyers and galleries. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - American - American Sculptors
  • L. Diane Johnson new window - Plein-Air Landscape Painter
    Plein-air and studio landscapes of gardens, architecture, sea and land from the United States and Europe by an American artist in acrylic, oil and soft pastel. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Carroll Jones III new window - realist art
    Gallery of paintings and drawings by an American realist artist. Subjects include street scenes and glimpses of urban life. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Drawings - American
  • J Karam new window - Expressive Abstract Realism
    Contemporary paintings that use a number of styles including abstraction, expressionism and photorealism. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Candace Keegan new window - realist artist
    Contemporary realist artist dealing with the artist/model relationship and women in contemporary culture. Includes a portfolio of most nudes and portraits. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Reenie Kennedy new window - american artist
    Floral, wildlife, still life, and landscape art by an artist in the United States. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - American
  • Janine Kilty new window - realist artist
    New York realist painter with an online portfolio of still lifes, portraits, animals, places, and more. Paintings are also available in limited edition prints. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Shaun Kinley new window - american artist
    Acrylic paintings in bright colors with varying strokes and textures. Subjects include sporting events, athletes, portraits and cityscapes. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Sports - American
  • Ken Knowles new window - Impressionist Paintings
    Rockport, Massachusetts artist specializing in traditional Cape Ann landscape and marine paintings. Commissions are also available. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist Art - Commissions - American
  • Daina Krumins new window - artist filmmaker
    American artist and filmmaker using a variety of mediums to create films, photomontages and other works. - list of -- American Artists - Multiple Media - Video Artists
  • Martins Krumins new window - Latvian-American Impressionist
    Online gallery of paintings and biographical information on the Latvian-American impressionist painter Martins Krumins. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Dr Sam Lam new window - Contemporary Artist
    Online portfolio which is a blend of oil paintings, photography, illustrations and graphic design. Dr Sam Lam is based in Dallas, Texas. - categories -- Abstract Artists - American Artists - American Illustrators
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Art and Animal Paintings
    Original art featuring paintings and drawings of whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures. Working mainly in colored pencil, India ink and acrylic mediums. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Wildlife Art
    Commercial website of the wildlife and fantasy artist Melody Lea Lamb. Products with whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures include T-shirts, greeting cards, magnets, coffee cups, art on tiles, jewelry boxes, and original art. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Jim Lee new window - surfing art
    American artist showing surfing inspired art, waves, oceanic, beachscapes and spiritual paintings. - categories -- Painters - Landscape Painters - American Artists
  • Roland Lee new window - watercolor paintings
    Original watercolor paintings and giclees of the American and European landscape. - categories -- Painters - Watercolor - Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Tricia Poulos Leonard new window - impressionist and abstract painting
    Gallery of original artwork by an American artist in impressionist and abstract style using watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and collage material on watercolor paper, canvas and masonite. - categories -- Painters - Impressionists - Watercolor - American Painters
  • Dana Levin new window - The New School of Classical Art
    Information on the atelier and personal artist website of the traditional realist artist. The New School of Classical Art is the realist art training school of Dana Levin. - categories -- Painters - Art Schools and Training - Realist - American
  • Jaynee Levy-Polis new window - funny fine art
    Humorous contemporary fine art and Rubenesque nudes in Matisse-like slice-of-life scenes. Realistic through to expressionist styles with rich color and varied textures. Commissions are accepted. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Nudes - American
  • Andrew Lewandowski new window - intuitive painter
    Intuitive painter creating colorful and childlike works. The artist uses form and color to describe his inner world which is sometimes jubilant, sometimes sad, but always honest and direct. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Outsider Art - American
  • Charlotte Light new window - seascape paintings
    Romantic seascape artist painting traditional realistic oil seascapes with a romantic mood, which capture the feel and the movement of the sea on canvas. - categories -- Painters - Landscape Artists - American Painters
  • Katalin Luczay new window - Luczay Fine Art
    Contemporary representational seascapes, landscape and still life paintings of American scenes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Still Life - American Artists
  • Maitreyii new window - abstract art
    Self taught, award winning artist in Dallas, Texas showing abstract paintings, landscapes, floral works, oceanscapes and modern paintings. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Landscapes - American Artists
  • Laura Mangual-Ritz new window - Kahloian Art
    Original and unique paintings and photography with a focus on landscapes, self portraits, macro florals, and cityscapes. Works can be purchased online, along with mugs, t-shirts and posters. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Henry Manning new window - Abstract Landscapes
    Abstract landscapes, original paintings and fine art prints by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - American - Giclee Art Prints
  • Leonore Marie new window - southwestern art
    Online gallery of Southwestern (U.S.) inspired flora, fauna, abstract interpretations and spiritual art. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Spiritual Art - American
  • Ned Martin new window - Realist PAinter
    Contemporary realism artist / painter of landscapes and figures exploring the abstract within realism. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Realist - American
  • Arlene McLoughlin new window - muralist arlene
    An online portfolio showcasing murals and faux finishes created by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Shawn McNulty new window - Artist
    Abstract paintings in oil and acrylic by a modern American painter. McNulty's paintings have an emphasis on form, color, and composition. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Amiel and Stephanie Mesner new window - Arteriors Decorative Painting
    Arteriors Decorative Painting based in Boston is a faux finishing company providing residential and commercial mural painting. Examples of nursery murals, landscape murals, and restaurant murals can be seen online. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Victoria Miraglio new window - Mural Artist
    Californian based artist producing life-size wall murals, trompe l'eoil, and creative three dimensional architectural creations. - categories -- Painters - Mural Artists - Art Commissions - American
  • Jeff Monsein new window - Murals and Faux Finishes
    Unique, artistic finishes, frescoes and murals for the home or business. Includes venetian plaster, trompe l'oeil, faux painting, and more by a Tampa, Florida muralist. - categories -- Painters - Mural Art - American
  • Joe Moorman new window - riverson fine art
    Self-taught artist from the Mississippi Delta in the United States. Creating visionary mosaics and paintings in bright expressive colors. - categories -- Painters - Mosaics - Outsider Art - American
  • Dee Dee Murry new window - Animal Art Studio
    Realistic animal art and pet portraits by a national award winning artist using oil, acrylic, graphite and mixed media. Artist prints are also available. - categories -- Artist Prints - Wildlife Art - Pet Portraits - American
  • Josh Neuman new window - surrealist artist
    Contemporary American painter offering a selection of surreal art prints and paintings online. - categories -- Painters - Surrealism - Artist Prints - American
  • Lynne Neuman new window - Artwork by Lynne Neuman
    American artist showing a selection of bright, colorful, whimsical miniature paintings of famous landmarks around the world. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Outsider Artists - American
  • David Newman new window - abstract art
    Original art works by an American artist for sale. Includes brightly colored abstract impressionist paintings. -- categories -- Painters - Abstraction - Contemporary - American
  • Thu Nguyen new window - nude figure paintings
    Nude figure paintings in oil on panel by a Vietnamese American woman painter. - categories -- Painters - Nude Paintings - American Artists
  • David Novak new window - abstract painter
    Website devoted to abstract paintings, ideas, and events. Painting explorations in an abstract expressionist style. - categories -- Painters - Abstract Art - Digital Artists - American
  • Ruben Nusz new window - paintings and drawings
    Contemporary realist and abstract art by an American based painter. - categories -- Painters - Abstract Art - Realist - American
  • Bill O'Neil new window - Retro Modern Abstract Artist
    Retro modern abstract artist, featuring paintings and prints inspired by mid-century modernism, cubism, and pop culture graffiti. - list of -- Painters - Abstract - Pop Artists - American
  • Jane Oriel new window - Custom Pet Portraits
    Unique, hand painted pet portraits by an American artist, specializing in cats and dogs. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Dogs - American
  • Willy Palanza new window - mosaic artist
    American fine artist specializes in interior murals, marble mosaics, glass mosaics and sculpture. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - Muralists - American
  • Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos new window - Artist and Designer
    Belgrade born artist in America with a portfolio of contemporary paintings, drawing, and sculpture. Also showing photography, illustration and graphic design work. - categories -- Painters - Digital Artists - Graphic Designers - American
  • Jacque Parsley new window - american artist
    American artist creating constructions and collages with strange juxtapositions and irreverent combinations of objects. - categories -- Assemblage Art - American Artists
  • Mark Perry new window - Mark Perry
    NYC artist displaying a selection of contemporary landscapes, paintings of the figure, grasses, chess sets, and more. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Landscapes - American
  • Liza Phoenix new window - fantasy art
    Fantasy artist specializing in mermaids, fairies, dragons, and liquor. Select items available as prints. - categories -- Painters - American - Fantasy Art - Pencil Art
  • Marla Powers new window - mosaic artist
    Fine art mosaics for corporate or residential clients, embellished architectural artifacts, garden art, one of a kind mosaic antique furniture, sculpture, and hand built clay vessels. Works with decorators to create unique pieces. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - Assemblage Art - American Artists
  • Leah Pruitt new window - Design Studio Murals
    View the online portfolio of Design Studio Murals with children's room murals, Trompe L'oeil murals, landscapes, and more. - categories -- Muralists - Commissions - American
  • Salina Ramsay new window - equine artist
    American equine artist with an online gallery of horses, sporting, and pet portraits. Artist is available for commissions. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Art Commissions - American
  • Lee Reams new window - oil portraits
    Oil portraits by an artist displaying a selection of people and pet portraits online. Artist accepts commission by photo or from subject. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - Pet Portraits - American
  • Parks Reece new window - american artist
    Contemporary American painter and lithographer with an online portfolio of original art and prints. Themes include nature, spirituality, and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Artist Prints - American
  • Robert Reece new window - abstract painter
    Original abstract painter using oils, enamels, acrylics and paper. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Julianne Richards new window - abstract art
    Abstract paintings by an American artist based in New York. "The Colorspeaker" blog also shares the thinking and new work of the artist. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American - Artist Blogs
  • Rachel Rodi new window - Rachel Rodi Mosaics
    Mosaic artist specializing in custom tile, glass and mixed media mosaic installations for public, private, residential and community spaces. Gives images and information on personal and assisted mosaic work. Based in the San Francisco, Bay Area, USA. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - American Artists
  • Shahla Rosa new window - Modern Surrealist Artist
    Modern surrealist artist displaying a selection of paintings with a dreamy, hallucinatory quality to them. - categories -- Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Roland Salazar Rose new window - Salazar Gallery
    Expressive artist working in both Mexico and Maine, USA. Displaying bold and expressive paintings and drawings that include portraits, landscapes and semi-abstract works. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Mexican - USA
  • Jane Rubin new window - Basketball Art and Metaphor
    American painter, writer and multimedia creative director who creates formally innovative and frequently erotic paintings and drawings, including live-action drawings and paintings of professional and non-professional male athletes. - categories -- Painters - Multiple Media - Erotic Art - American
  • Carol Santora new window - Santora Fine Art
    Gallery of big cat and wildlife paintings, domestic animals, seascapes and florals in soft pastel, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Art Instruction - American
  • Stephanie Sasaki new window - Miniature Realm
    Artist specializes in painting pewter miniatures of 25mm scale and larger. Can be used for roleplaying games or to display. All genres accepted including fantasy, sci fi and modern. - categories -- Miniature Art - American Artists
  • Jerry Sauls new window - oil paintings
    Original realist oil paintings, limited edition sports art and seascape prints by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Realism - American
  • Glen A. Schofield new window - realist artist
    Realistic seascapes and landscapes by landscape painter Glen Schofield. The work is bold, vivid, colorful and rendered with great detail. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Nathalie Severin new window - american painter
    A fusion of natural and man-made textures, emphasized with paint and color. Commissions available. - categories -- Painters - Commissions - Digital Artist - American
  • Elaine Sheridan new window - mosaic artist
    Mosaic artist working in Florida, USA with an online gallery of mosaics and accepting commissoins. Artist works with vitreous tiles, stained glass, porcelain tiles, and pebbles. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - American
  • Wes & Rachelle Siegrist new window - Miniature Wildlife Paintings
    Husband and wife team who specialize in miniature watercolor paintings. Browse through galleries of portraits, animal art, landscapes, and floral art. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Watercolor - American
  • Karri Simmons new window - paint my pet portraits
    American artist specializes in acrylic pet portraits painted in a realistic, fun style. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Dogs - American
  • Jane Simonson new window - landscape oil paintings
    Collection of recent oil paintings including landscapes, seascapes, still life, and pet portraits, plus some additional creative projects such as hand painted housewares, jewelry, and murals. Accepts commissions featuring pets and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Commissions - American
  • Susan Meyer Sinyai new window - Susan Meyer Sinyai Fine Art
    Oil and pastel fine art paintings by Asheville, North Carolina artist, Susan Sinyai. Paintings are done in a classical, realistic style and are characterized by evocative light and vibrant color. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Pastels - American
  • Edward Skallberg new window - artist blog
    American artist offering fine romantic oil paintings online at affordable prices. Subjects include landscapes, flowers, still lifes, and more. - categories -- Painters - Artist Blogs - American
  • Chris Silver Smith new window - Chris Silver Smith, Artist
    Artist known for paintings illustrating the Texas A&M University campus map and other realistic and surrealistic paintings. - categories -- Painters - Traditional Painters - American
  • Dina Soker new window - Contemporary Artist
    Israel born American artist based in Illinois. Producing bold and colorful "consciousness raising" contemporary art. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Jinx Springer new window - american artist
    Artist showing a variety of subjects using several mediums, including oils, watercolors and acrylics. Commissions are available. - categories -- Painters - Commissions - Horse Art - American
  • Anne Stahl new window - Contemporary, abstract landscape painting
    Contemporary, abstract, landscape paintings by California artist. - categories -- Painters - Abstraction - Contemporary - American
  • Anny Steensen new window - decorative painter
    Hand painted mural and decorative painter from Denmark working with interior designers, businesses and home owners to create murals, decorative artwork and color consultation. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Jeanene Stein new window - giclee prints
    Limited edition giclee prints on canvas for sale online by an American artist. Painting in a colorful, contemporary realist and impressionistic style. - categories -- Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Marilyn Stevens new window - American Artist
    Mixed media artist featuring portfolio of 2-d and 3-d work. Site includes contact, commissions and information about the artist. - categories -- Assemblage Art - Mixed Media - American
  • Eric Stewart new window - pet portrait artist
    Realist portrait painter accepting commissions for pets and family portraits. Includes intimate portraits of dogs, cats, and horses online. - categories -- Portrait Artists - Pet Portraits
  • Marko Stout new window - new york art
    Contemporary New York City artist who uses universal archetypes, symbolism and collective unconscious imagery to examine human and societal conditions. - categories -- Painters - Abstraction - American Artists
  • Julia Sweda new window - mural artist
    Tile murals, decorative hand painted ceramic tiles for kitchen, backsplash or bathroom murals and art tiles. Mural artist for custom tile painting and designs. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - Ceramic Tiles - American
  • Mara Szalajda new window - abstract artist
    Includes original works in gouache on paper, jewelry design, color lithographs, postcards, and artists' pigment history and database. - categories -- Jewelry - Abstract Artists - American
  • Lynne Taetzsch new window - abstract art
    Contemporary modern art by a New York artist, includes original paintings and prints as well as articles on understanding abstract art and selecting art for your home. - categories -- Painters - Abstract Art - American
  • Mike Theuer new window - Pencil Portraits
    Pencil portraits from photos of your dog or any animal. Also offers watercolor commissions and hand-drawn portraits of people from photos. - categories -- Pencil Drawings - Dog Portraits - Watercolors - Commissions - American
  • Kathleen Thoma new window - abstract artist
    Online art gallery/store/blog with abstract, original monotype handmade artwork/printmaking with brilliant color; nature themes and abstract energetic movement. - list of -- Painters - Prints - Abstract Artists - American Artists
  • Kathleen Thoma new window - symbolic artist
    Several galleries showing the symbolic, abstract, decorative monotypes and paintings of Kathleen Thoma. Also selling digital prints of original montypes in various sizes. - categories -- Symbolic Artists - Printmakers - American Artists
  • Kathleen Thoma new window - Transcendent Arts
    Online gallery of art offers symbolic paintings and monotypes using dream imagery, myths and visions from the collective unconscious. Offering original fine art and reproductions to the public and publishers. - categories -- Painters - Symbolic Artists - Spiritual Artists - American Artists
  • Ben Thompson new window - fine artists
    Online gallery of four generations of Thompson fine artists, including Tommy, Richard Earl, Bruce and Ben Thompson. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Impressionist - American
  • Susan Tower new window - Spiritual Art by Susan Tower
    Spiritual art depicting uplifting, impressionist images of nature. Includes plein air paintings of sacred sites like Machu Piccu and Stonehenge. Also offering animal totems and pet portraits from photos. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Spiritual Art - American
  • Laurie Vaughn new window - Abstract Expressionist Artist
    Original abstract expressionist paintings, including works with references to major artists from the New York School art movement. - categories -- Painters - Expressionism - American
  • Robert Villamagna new window - assemblage & mixed media
    West Virginia artist creates assemblages, collages, and mixed media works using deconstructed product containers and a variety of found objects. Site features images of work, studio shots, exhibition calendar, and contact information. - categories -- Collage Art - Mixed Media - American Artists
  • Jill Stefani Wagner new window - watercolor artist
    American artist working with watercolors and pastels to create landscapes, still lifes, figures, views of Tuscany, and more. - categories -- Painters - Pastels - Watercolor - American
  • Erika Wain new window - American Artist
    Artist using oil paints, multi-media, giclee, installation, and architectural/naturalist photography to create contemporary works of art. - categories -- Painters - Giclees - Contemporary - American
  • Caroline Waite new window - The Secret Life of Objects
    American based, British artist showing a collection of work divided in to different categories, current exhibits and the background of ideas. The site shows intricate, intimate and mysterious, hand built assemblages. - categories -- Assemblage Artists - American
  • Chuck Weber new window - Portraits in Pencil and Oils
    Portraits in pencil and oils from photos by a Wisconsin artist. Photo-realistic pencil portraits and interpretive oil portraits and paintings. Prints available. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - American - Artist Prints
  • Miri Weible new window - florals, seascapes, and tuscan scenes
    Bright, colorful, large, original, acrylic on canvas paintings for home and office decor. Includes paintings of Tuscan landscapes, Tuscan sunsets, poppies, roses, iris, California seascapes, and abstracts. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Kristina Wentzell new window - American Artist
    Contemporary American painter displaying a selection of impressionist landscapes, still lifes, florals, and paintings of nature in oils and watercolors. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Watercolors - American

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