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+ The Online Art Guides category is a selection of online art instructions and guides for learning about art online. Learn to draw, paint or sculpt online.

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Online Art Guides Online Art Guides - Learn to Paint, Draw & Sculpt

  • Art Academy new window - Drawing Faces & Portraits
    Learn to draw faces and portraits from a professional artist. Receive a monthly drawing lesson when you subscribe to the drawing lessons newsletter. - categories - Online Guides & Instruction
  • Art Blah new window - Art Dictionary
    Creative information to educate and inform artists. An art dictionary created by art teachers to encourage experimentation with new forms of creativity. - category -- Online Art Guides
  • Art Head Start new window - 3d training ebook
    E-book for digital art students and those wanting more computer graphics art training. Learn practical methods and techniques to add drama, clarity and meaning to images. - category -- E-Books - Online art Guides
  • Art is Fun new window - Learn How to Draw
    Learn how to draw and paint the fun way. Free resource for artists of all skill levels. Learn about painting, drawing, and popular subjects and styles in art today. - categories -- Online Art Guides
  • Carol Santora new window - Santora Fine Art
    Gallery of big cat and wildlife paintings, domestic animals, seascapes and florals in soft pastel, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Art Instruction - American
  • How to Paint Abstracts new window - how to paint abstracts
    Free ebook by artist Tim Seaward showing readers how to paint abstract paintings, practical painting exercises, and tips on how to sell art. - category -- E-Books - Online art Guides
  • Show Your Own Art Gallery new window - show your own art gallery
    Online art gallery allowing artists to exhibit worldwide. Also provides several how to guides for artists. - categories -- Online Art Galleries - Art Guides
  • Speaking of Art new window - art blog
    Ezine/blog about art, art history and painting with watercolors, oils and pastels and more. The blog weaves together storylines of practical painting tips, esoteric and obscure facts about art, art supplies reviews, art books and artists, and music in order to entertain and educate readers - categories - Art Resources - Online Art Guides - Art Blogs
  • Voice in my Head new window - voice in my head
    Website for a new portrait of Leo Sayer by Tony Johansen. Includes background information, the making of, techniques used, meanings and description. - categories -- Portrait Artists - Online Art Instruction
  • Creative Spotlite new window - Creative spotlite
    Contains free step by step lessons, articles and tips and other educational resources for artists and crafters. - categories - Online art Guides
  • Jack Reid new window - Learn to watercolor paint
    Learn to paint with watercolour by artist Jack Reid. Includes a free ezine for monthly tips that will improve your watercolor paintings. - categories - Online Guides & Instruction
  • Submit Your Online Art Guides Website new window - submit Art Guide
    Click on the link above to submit your Online Art Guides resource URL to our fine arts directory. - categories - Online Art Guides


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