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+ The Wildlife Painters category includes a selection of contemporary painters depicting wildlife. Includes animal portrait, nature, and wilderness art.

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Wildlife Painters - Animal Artists Wildlife Painters - Animal Artists

  • Berle Bledsoe new window - wildlife artist
    Portland artist specializing in portrait paintings of people and animals. Berle prefers to paint from photographs and is an expert at imposing imagination and impression on reality. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Portrait Artists - American
  • Ron Dotson new window - wildlife artist
    Original watercolor paintings of wildlife, western scenes, sporting art and commissions. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Pet Portraits - Watercolor - American
  • Ian Finlay new window -
    UK artist painting marine, equestrian, wildlife, sporting and landscape art in oils, watercolour and graphite.
    Ian works speculatively and to commission and is now offering limited edition prints of some of his most popular work. (el) - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - United Kingdom - Realist
  • Patricia A. Griffin new window - animal art
    Site contains paintings, etchings and studio shots of the artist. Depicting animals, nature and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Animal Art - Artist Prints - American
  • Gordon Howard new window - African Wildlife Artworks
    South African artist with a permanent exhibit in zoology at Oxford University and has presented celebrity lectures on the QE2 World Cruise program with Nelson
    Mandela. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Artist Prints - South Africa
  • Reenie Kennedy new window - american artist
    Floral, wildlife, still life, and landscape art by an artist in the United States. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - American
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Art and Animal Paintings
    Original art featuring paintings and drawings of whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures. Working mainly in colored pencil, India ink and acrylic mediums. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Wildlife Art
    Commercial website of the wildlife and fantasy artist Melody Lea Lamb. Products with whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures include T-shirts, greeting cards, magnets, coffee cups, art on tiles, jewelry boxes, and original art. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Akvile Lawrence new window - Wildlife Paintings
    Swedish wildlife artist who gets the inspiration for her paintings from the nature and wildlife of Sweden, Canada and Great Brtitain. Akvile paints in a realistic, highly detailed style, paying particular attention to colour and shadow. Prints and originals are available. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Artists - Swedish Artists
  • Dee Dee Murry new window - Animal Art Studio
    Realistic animal art and pet portraits by a national award winning artist using oil, acrylic, graphite and mixed media. Artist prints are also available. - categories -- Artist Prints - Wildlife Art - Pet Portraits - American
  • Carol Santora new window - Santora Fine Art
    Gallery of big cat and wildlife paintings, domestic animals, seascapes and florals in soft pastel, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Art Instruction - American
  • Wes & Rachelle Siegrist new window - Miniature Wildlife Paintings
    Husband and wife team who specialize in miniature watercolor paintings. Browse through galleries of portraits, animal art, landscapes, and floral art. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Watercolor - American
  • Graeme Stevenson new window - Graeme Stevenson Art
    Website covers a wide variety of subject matter, from big cats in Africa to surrealism with beautiful women, to fantasy and angels. - categories -- Painters - Fantasy Art - Wildlife Art - Australian
  • Paul Bordiss new window - paul
    Contemporary UK painter creating humorous animal art in acrylics. Bordiss focuses mostly on farm animals like cows and horses. - categories - Painters - Wildlife Art
  • Joan Pain new window - hamadeh
    Nature and wildlife artist depicting birds, cats, dogs and horses. - categories - Painters - Wildlife Art
  • Martin Ridley new window - martin
    Realist United Kingdom artist painting wildlife art and wilderness scenes. Depicting deer, birds, foxes, and hares in their natural surroundings. - categories - Painters - Wildlife Art
  • Submit Wildlife Art Site new window - Wildlife art
    Submit your Animal, Nature, or Wildlife artists site to the Linkism art Directory and get your work seen online. - categories - Painters - Wildlife Art


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