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+ The Realist Painters category includes artists working today in a realistic manner.

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  • Judy Abbott new window - american painter
    American realist painter displaying contemporary realist landscape paintings, forest scenes, and Western landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Realist - American
  • Michael Lynn Adams new window - realist painter
    Landscape, still life, and figurative art work by contemporary realist painter Michael Lynn Adams. - categories -- Painters - Still Life Painters - Realist - American
  • John Cogan new window - landscape artist
    Nationally recognized landscape painter, painting the Grand Canyon and other National Park vistas. The site includes a short biography and an extensive gallery of his current and past works. Giclee art prints are also available. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Sergei Danilin new window - stable arts
    An accomplished portrait and landscape artist working in the classical tradition of romantic realism. - categories -- Painters - Realism - Russia - Portrait Artists
  • Lisa Ernst new window - Still Life Paintings
    Floral and still life paintings by a colorist and contemporary realist artist working in the United States. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Rob Evans new window - contemporary realist
    Site featuring the work of contemporary realist painter Rob Evans. Includes a biography, image galleries and contact information. Evans meticulous realist painting can be found in many museums throughout the United States. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Ian Finlay new window -
    UK artist painting marine, equestrian, wildlife, sporting and landscape art in oils, watercolour and graphite.
    Ian works speculatively and to commission and is now offering limited edition prints of some of his most popular work. (el) - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - United Kingdom - Realist
  • Randy Ford new window - American Artists
    Contemporary American photo realist artist, displaying a portfolio of street scenes, still lifes, signs, and American diners. Artist accepts commissions. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Commissions - American
  • Susi Galloway new window - Professional Artist
    Colorful and vibrant landscapes, portraits, florals, and surreal paintings and illustrations online. - categories -- Painters - Illustrators - Realist - American
  • Floyd Gentry new window - The Art of Floyd Gentry
    Collection of realist drawings and paintings that captures the myth of the west and reflect an acute sense of detail and an affection for the spirit of the west. - categories -- Painters - Pencil Drawings - Realist - American
  • Floyd Gentry new window - American Artist
    Profile of the American artist Floyd Gentry on Artist specializing in fine art oil painting, pencil drawings, fine art illustration, private/commercial commissions, and portraits. Displaying works that seek to capture the myth of the West, cattle, horses, cowboy trappings, and the rural life of the southwest and it's cultural traditions. - categories -- Horse Artists - Pencil Drawings - Realist - American
  • Janet Hammond new window - The Art of Janet Hammond
    American portrait artist/teacher whose work is found in collections in North America and Europe. - categories -- Painters - Portrait Artists - Realist - American
  • Carol Ann Lee Hedrick new window - portrait artist
    Watercolor realist portrait painter accepting commissions and displaying dramatic figurative works online. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Watercolor - American - Portraits
  • Carroll Jones III new window - realist art
    Gallery of paintings and drawings by an American realist artist. Subjects include street scenes and glimpses of urban life. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Drawings - American
  • Candace Keegan new window - realist artist
    Contemporary realist artist dealing with the artist/model relationship and women in contemporary culture. Includes a portfolio of most nudes and portraits. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Janine Kilty new window - realist artist
    New York realist painter with an online portfolio of still lifes, portraits, animals, places, and more. Paintings are also available in limited edition prints. - categories -- Painters - Giclee Art Prints - Realist - American
  • Brian LaSaga new window - Realism Artist
    Newfoundland realist painter captures rustic and nature themes in original acrylic paintings on panel. - categories -- Painters - Realism - Canadian
  • Dana Levin new window - The New School of Classical Art
    Information on the atelier and personal artist website of the traditional realist artist. The New School of Classical Art is the realist art training school of Dana Levin. - categories -- Painters - Art Schools and Training - Realist - American
  • Alain Lutz new window - french artist
    Contemporary French painter showing several online galleries of paintings that include landscapes, portraits, cityscapes, townscapes, and more. - categories -- Painters - Realist - French
  • Ned Martin new window - Realist PAinter
    Contemporary realism artist / painter of landscapes and figures exploring the abstract within realism. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Realist - American
  • Paul McDonald Smith new window - australian traditional artist
    Traditional Australian artist with a portfolio of realist paintings online, artist biography, listing of art awards, teaching positions, curatorial and community arts activities, judging, affiliations, appointments philosophy and bibliography. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Traditional - Australia
  • Kevin Mc Namara new window - irish painter
    Site featuring the work of a contemporary painterly realist artist. Includes a gallery of recent works, artist biography, and contact information. Mc Namara exhibits in Ireland, England and the United States. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Irish - Impressionist
  • Christine Montague new window - realist painter
    Contemporary realist painter displaying a selection of oil and watercolor paintings. Includes commissioned portraits, landscapes and pet portraits. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Portraits - Canadian
  • Brian Moore new window - realist artist
    New Zealand based artist working in oils, watercolours and bronze sculpture. He does limited editions of a selection of his works which range from game fishing to gold panning. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Bronze Sculptors - New Zealand
  • Ruben Nusz new window - paintings and drawings
    Contemporary realist and abstract art by an American based painter. - categories -- Painters - Abstract Art - Realist - American
  • Michael Sass new window - new zealand artist
    New Zealand landscape artist painting in pastels and oils. Creating large and detailed paintings which are framed and ready to ship. - categories -- Painters - Realist - New Zealand
  • Jerry Sauls new window - oil paintings
    Original realist oil paintings, limited edition sports art and seascape prints by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Realism - American
  • Glen A. Schofield new window - realist artist
    Realistic seascapes and landscapes by landscape painter Glen Schofield. The work is bold, vivid, colorful and rendered with great detail. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Ian Sheldon new window - Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration
    Online gallery of fine art for landscapes and skyscapes in oil, architectural watercolours, limited edition giclee prints (incl. Cambridge University), illustrations and books by the artist. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Canadian - Giclee Art Prints - Illustrators
  • Jose A. Soto new window - charcoal realist
    Mexican contemporary charcoal realist painter who uses pastel, oil, and charcoal to show the beauty of his country through the depiction of its people. - categories -- Painters - Mexican - Realist - Drawing
  • Amanda Ward new window - Sensual Art
    Figuative art with an appreciation of the human form in all its glory. Original unique paintings. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Realist - Erotic Art
  • Sergio Zampieri new window - italian painter
    Contemporary Italian artist presenting a selection of paintings that include landscapes, seascapes, florals and nudes. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Italian
  • Leon Engelen new window - belgian artist
    Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques by realist Belgian artist. - categories - Painters - Realism - Belgian
  • Magda Francot new window - Fine Symbolic Art
    Belgian artist creating symbolic paintings and drawings following in the great tradition of Flemish painters. - categories - Painters - Realism - Belgian
  • Annabel Greenhalgh new window - annabel greenhalgh
    Established landscape artist producing representational scenes of Wales, the UK and abroad. Original work, limited edition prints and cards to buy online. - categories - Painters - Realist - Traditional - United Kingdom -
  • Shuchi Krishan new window - shucki krishan
    Indian artist painting the scenes of her country and culture. Includes interiors, portraits, and buildings. - categories - Painters - Ethnic - Realism - Indian
  • Maya Kulenovic new window - realist painter
    Intense and contemplative, dark realist paintings about death, war and the fragility of culture by contemporary Canadian painter. - categories - Painters - Realist - Canadian
  • Mona Youssef new window - mona gallery
    Professional Canadian artist involved in realistic oil paintings on canvas depicting the four seasons. - categories - Painters - Traditional - Canadian


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