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+ The Impressionist Painters category includes professional fine artists working in an impressionist manner.

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  • Simon Birtall new window - Fine Art & Illustration
    Impressionist art by a UK based artist and illustrator. Offering art to buy or commission and portraits painted from photographs. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - United Kingdom - Portrait Artists - Illustrators
  • Linda Blondheim new window - landscape painter
    Original Landscapes and stories about the adventures of an American landscape painter and artist. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Impressionist - American
  • Bram de Bruyn new window - impressionist painter
    Indonesian born painter working in British Columbia. Includes a gallery of oil paintings depicting nature, oceanscapes, and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Impressionist - Canadian
  • Bob Dornberg new window - impressionist oil paintings
    Online gallery featuring oil paintings produced by an expressive American artist. Dornberg is a prolific producer of oil paintings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Peter Hobden new window - swiss painter
    Gallery of landscapes, in particular of Carouge and Geneva in Switzerland and of the South of France, as well as portraits. Swiss artist inspired by the Impressionists. - categories -- Painters - Impressionists - Landscapes - Swiss Artists
  • JK Inson new window - figurative artist
    Figurative artist and sculpter producing landscape and figurative works in a realistic style. Also offers commissioned portrait paintings and drawings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Portraits - American
  • Don James new window - Australian Painter
    An Australian oil painter residing and teaching in Melbourne. Includes lansdcapes, portraits, and still life paintings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Australia
  • L. Diane Johnson new window - Plein-Air Landscape Painter
    Plein-air and studio landscapes of gardens, architecture, sea and land from the United States and Europe by an American artist in acrylic, oil and soft pastel. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Shaun Kinley new window - american artist
    Acrylic paintings in bright colors with varying strokes and textures. Subjects include sporting events, athletes, portraits and cityscapes. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Sports - American
  • Ken Knowles new window - Impressionist Paintings
    Rockport, Massachusetts artist specializing in traditional Cape Ann landscape and marine paintings. Commissions are also available. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist Art - Commissions - American
  • Marcus Krackowizer new window - Contemporary Modern Impressionism
    View and acquire original and limited edition prints from a British artist currently living in Budapest. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Impressionist - Artist Prints
  • Martins Krumins new window - Latvian-American Impressionist
    Online gallery of paintings and biographical information on the Latvian-American impressionist painter Martins Krumins. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Nikolai Kuzmin new window - russian artist
    Expressive Russian artist displaying a selection of landscapes, seascapes, and still life paintings. Kuzmin was born in 1938 and is one of the great representatives of the Muscovite School of artists. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Landscapes - Russia
  • Tricia Poulos Leonard new window - impressionist and abstract painting
    Gallery of original artwork by an American artist in impressionist and abstract style using watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and collage material on watercolor paper, canvas and masonite. - categories -- Painters - Impressionists - Watercolor - American Painters
  • Rob Mackintosh new window - Rob Mackintosh Fine Art
    Canadian en plein air and studio landscape painter in acrylic and watercolor. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Watercolor - Canadian
  • Leonore Marie new window - southwestern art
    Online gallery of Southwestern (U.S.) inspired flora, fauna, abstract interpretations and spiritual art. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Spiritual Art - American
  • Kevin Mc Namara new window - irish painter
    Site featuring the work of a contemporary painterly realist artist. Includes a gallery of recent works, artist biography, and contact information. Mc Namara exhibits in Ireland, England and the United States. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Irish - Impressionist
  • Jeno Szervanszky new window - hungarian artist
    Selection of post impressionist paintings and works on paper by a Hungarian artist. Also includes information on the musicians Endre and Péter Szervánszky. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Pastels - Hungarian
  • Lyndel Thomas new window - Australian painter sculptor
    Australian artist painting in oil, pastel and acrylic in a tonal representational or impressionistic style. The artist also sculpts in bronze and mixed media covering both the representational and the symbolic genres. Private commissions for portraits, landscapes, still life and sculpture are accepted. - categories -- Impressionist - Australian Painters - Australian Sculptors
  • Ben Thompson new window - fine artists
    Online gallery of four generations of Thompson fine artists, including Tommy, Richard Earl, Bruce and Ben Thompson. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Impressionist - American
  • Chuck Weber new window - Portraits in Pencil and Oils
    Portraits in pencil and oils from photos by a Wisconsin artist. Photo-realistic pencil portraits and interpretive oil portraits and paintings. Prints available. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - American - Artist Prints
  • Miri Weible new window - florals, seascapes, and tuscan scenes
    Bright, colorful, large, original, acrylic on canvas paintings for home and office decor. Includes paintings of Tuscan landscapes, Tuscan sunsets, poppies, roses, iris, California seascapes, and abstracts. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Kristina Wentzell new window - American Artist
    Contemporary American painter displaying a selection of impressionist landscapes, still lifes, florals, and paintings of nature in oils and watercolors. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Watercolors - American
  • Margaret Young new window - England Artist
    North London artist producing contemporary work in a range of different media such as oils, pastels, water colour, acrylic, pen and ink, textiles and stained glass. Subjects include still lifes, landscapes, people, animals and nature. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Impressionist - Stained Glass
  • Frans Koppelaar new window - frans koppelaar
    Amsterdam based figurative artist painting realistic rural and urban landscapes, portraits and nudes in oil. - categories - Painters - Impressionist - Netherlands
  • Ojars Lasmanis new window - ojars
    Latvian born painting in an impressionist manner. Includes still life, landscapes, and portrait paintings. - categories - Painters - Impressionism - Latvian
  • Linda Paul new window - linda paul studio
    Bas-relief and egg tempera original art paintings. Limited edition prints on canvas of Italian art and French country wall decor. Kitchen decor canvas prints. Includes arches and architecture, landscapes, wine still life, southwestern chili peppers and ballet art. - categories - Painters - Impressionism - American


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