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+ The Mural Artists category includes Muralist painters displaying their paintings online.
+ The Painters category includes a selection of fine artists painting in various painting mediums, styles and subjects. Painters are generally full time artists currently working as a professional painter.

Kids Room Murals Children's Room Muralists
Decorative Murals Decorative Muralists
Faux Painting Murals Faux Finish Muralists
printed wall decals Printed Murals
Trompe L'oeil Muralists Trompe L'oeil Muralists

united states mural artists American Muralists
united kingdom mural artists British Muralists
canada mural artists Canadian Muralists
italy mural artists Italian Muralists

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Realist Painters - Famous Artists - Contemporary Painters -
Mosaic Artists

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Mural Artists - Muralist Painters Mural Artists - Muralist Painters

  • Pawel Bendisz new window - Murals by Pawel
    Specializes in visualizing your ideas onto the walls of your home. Pawel has many years experience in painting murals and faux finishes. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Tara Benet new window - American Artist
    Contemporary realist artist with an online portfolio of murals, portraits and giclees prints. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Sergio Bonometti new window - Italian Fresco Murals
    Fresco paintings and authentic wall art on panel fresco painting by an Italian artist and muralist. Producing work that evokes the Italian Renaissance or ancient Rome for modern custom designs or renovation. - categories -- Muralists - Italian Muralists
  • Thomas Deir new window - hawaii artist
    Contemporary painter and muralist working in Hawaii. Displaying a selection of brightly colored realistic paintings online and accepting commissions. Specializes in permanent, outdoor/indoor tile murals for entryways, signage, pools, kitchens, baths, and more. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Find a Muralist new window - Mural Referral Service
    Mural artist directory with a large number of muralists nationwide with murals online. Browse mural painters, rate/review murals and find a muralist for your next job. - categories -- Muralists
  • Harvey Jackson new window - muralist harvey jackson
    Showcasing some of the finest and largest mural art in the world and promoting the services of the popular muralist Harvey Jackson. Also displaying a selection of innovative weathered steel fine art. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Jamie Keith new window - england muralists
    Professional artist based in London and working in the UK specialising in hand painting wall murals. He paints childrens murals, nursery murals and murals in offices, restaurants and bars. - categories -- Children's Murals - London Muralists
  • Arlene McLoughlin new window - muralist arlene
    An online portfolio showcasing murals and faux finishes created by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Amiel and Stephanie Mesner new window - Arteriors Decorative Painting
    Arteriors Decorative Painting based in Boston is a faux finishing company providing residential and commercial mural painting. Examples of nursery murals, landscape murals, and restaurant murals can be seen online. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Victoria Miraglio new window - Mural Artist
    Californian based artist producing life-size wall murals, trompe l'eoil, and creative three dimensional architectural creations. - categories -- Painters - Mural Artists - Art Commissions - American
  • Jeff Monsein new window - Murals and Faux Finishes
    Unique, artistic finishes, frescoes and murals for the home or business. Includes venetian plaster, trompe l'oeil, faux painting, and more by a Tampa, Florida muralist. - categories -- Painters - Mural Art - American
  • Gary Myatt new window - uk mural artist
    UK muralist specialising in original, hand-painted murals and trompe l’oeil artwork which complement a wide variety of decorative schemes. London based mural artist doing commissions for both commercial and residential projects - categories -- Muralists - Trompe L'oeil - UK Muralists
  • Nest Design new window - Murals in california
    Creative partnership between art and design with artists Emiliano Campobello and Mary Johnson, based in Santa Barbara, California. Services include traditional murals, decorative painting, trompe l'oeil, and original artwork. - categories -- Muralists
  • Willy Palanza new window - mosaic artist
    American fine artist specializes in interior murals, marble mosaics, glass mosaics and sculpture. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - Muralists - American
  • Leah Pruitt new window - Design Studio Murals
    View the online portfolio of Design Studio Murals with children's room murals, Trompe L'oeil murals, landscapes, and more. - categories -- Muralists - Commissions - American
  • Paul Raymonde new window - england muralists
    English artist specialising in murals and trompe l'oeil painting for domestic and commercial clients. - list of -- Muralists - Trompe L'oeil - UK Muralists
  • Susan Respinger new window - Muralist
    Perth based artist focused on portrait art and murals. She regularly exhibits her own creative work in exhibitions around Australia. Susan enjoys realising her client's creative vision and is happy to work on a wide range of commissioned projects. - listed in -- Painters - Muralists - Portraits - Pet Portraits - Australian Painters
  • Scarborough Designs new window - Murals in california
    Central Californian based muralists, decorative art, fine art, custom faux finishes, and trompe l'oeil, able to work in all mediums. - categories -- Muralists
  • Anny Steensen new window - decorative painter
    Hand painted mural and decorative painter from Denmark working with interior designers, businesses and home owners to create murals, decorative artwork and color consultation. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Julia Sweda new window - mural artist
    Tile murals, decorative hand painted ceramic tiles for kitchen, backsplash or bathroom murals and art tiles. Mural artist for custom tile painting and designs. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - Ceramic Tiles - American
  • Alessandra Tortone new window - italian muralist
    Italian born artist creating murals in houses, villas, hotels, restaurants, bars and more. Also does face painting, signs and art on canvas. - categories -- Children's Murals - Decorative Art - British Muralists
  • Lilia Gilbo new window - muralist art
    Hand painted wall murals, fine arts and tapestry for the restaurant, office or a retail location. - categories - Painters - Muralists - American
  • Carol Pascale new window - Decorative Art
    Decorative paint and plaster finishes including murals, trompe l'oeil, floorcloths and furniture. - categories - Painters - Muralists - American
  • Mimi Ross Blank new window - murals by mimi
    Ceramic tile murals are custom designed, hand painted and kiln fired by master tile artist. - categories - Ceramics - Murals
  • Jeff Zimmermann new window - muralist
    Muralist from Chicago working in a realist manner. Includes murals, studio works and mosaics. - categories - Painters - Muralists - Realist - American


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