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+ The American Painters category includes a selection of contemporary painters from the United States of America.

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  • Andrea Allegrone new window - andrea allegrone
    Contemporary American artist influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Anna Balboa new window - Erotic & Surrealistic Pop Art
    Contemporary and surrealistic pop art by a Spanish born artist. Balboa paintings are full of color, life, love and often become represented by the man/woman polarity. Includes an online gallery of free e-cards to send. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Cindy Brinker new window - florals and contemporary art
    Delaware artist working in a contemporay manner, using her imagination, memory and observations of the world. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Anthony Cady new window - portrait artist
    Rendered portraits from your own photographs in pastel, pencil or ink. - categories - Painters - Portraits - American -
  • Gregg Chadwick new window - gregg chadwick
    Studio notes from a contemporary American figurative painter. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Tom Dailey new window - tdailyart
    American artist displaying a portfolio of abstract works with figurative elements introduced. - categories - Painters - Abstraction - American -
  • Lilia Gilbo new window - muralist art
    Hand painted wall murals, fine arts and tapestry for the restaurant, office or a retail location. - categories - Painters - Muralists - American -
  • Elizabeth Hack new window - elizabeth hack
    Abstract seascapes and landscapes inspired by the North coast of California. - categories - Painters - Abstraction - American -
  • Drew Hackett new window - Cult Classic Art
    Original art and fine art prints by an American artist. Featuring Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and other popular figures. - categories - Painters - Commission Art - Artist Prints - American
  • Robert D. Hogge new window - robert d hogge
    New york painter developing a style called "Xfusionism" painting using multiple styles and forms. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Tara Hutton new window - tara hutton gallery
    Original artwork by an American artist painted to reflect the glamour and capture the essence of the Art Deco Era. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American -
  • Nicole Justin new window - justin design
    Surreal fantasy paintings depicting aliens and surreal scenes. Also includes angels and dolls for sale. - categories - Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Shelley Laffal new window - shelley laffal
    Large scale contemporary oil portraits for commission and emotionally charged figurative landcsapes. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American - Portraiture
  • Lucas Lipan new window - lucas lipan
    Fauvist palette of Abstract Expressionism, paintings surreal and symbolic, illustrating philosophical comments on the current human condition. - categories - Painters - Expressionism - American
  • Laurie Anne Lusk new window - Sam from Savannah
    Contemporary art inspired by coastal scenes found in the warm climates of the Southeastern United States. Artistic endeavors focus on paintings in acrylic and watercolor, but may include the occasional experiment in other forms of art. Graphic design services include print and multimedia. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American - Graphic Designers
  • Randolphlee McIver new window - randolphlee mciver
    Contemporary figurative painting, drawing and sculpture newly inspired by the arts of classical Greece and the Renaissance. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Alissa Miller new window - surrealism
    Fine art origional oil paintings by an American artist in the style of surrealism. - categories - Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Kelly Moore new window - raw expressionist
    Self taught artist who has no formal training or education in art. His intuitive style and technique reflects a raw, primitive quality that is frequently juxtaposed with a startling innocence. - categories - Painters - Expressionism - Outsider Art - American
  • Brian Morrison new window - brian morrison
    An American artist painting form and the figure in an expressive manner. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Mindy Newman new window - water colorist
    Watercolor paintings by an American artist with details on purchasing works online. - categories - Painters - Traditional - Watercolor - American
  • Carol Pascale new window - Decorative Art
    Decorative paint and plaster finishes including murals, trompe l'oeil, floorcloths and furniture. - categories - Painters - Muralists - American
  • Linda Paul - new window - linda paul studio
    Bas-relief and egg tempera original art paintings. Limited edition prints on canvas of Italian art and French country wall decor. Kitchen decor canvas prints. Includes arches and architecture, landscapes, wine still life, southwestern chili peppers and ballet art. - categories - Painters - Impressionism - American
  • Jeff Pittman new window - jeff pittman art
    Capturing city skylines, landscapes and seascapes in colorful oil paintings. Prints and Giclee Reproductions also available. - categories - Painters - Traditional - American
  • Wendy Pond new window - Wendy Pond Studio
    Portrait artist offering quality affordable portraits of families, children, pet portraits, home, car and florals. Portraits come with free shipping. - categories - Painters - Portraits - American
  • James Potter new window - art from the smokies
    Original oil paintings and prints of the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas of East Tennessee by an American artist. - categories - Painters - Traditional - American
  • Karen Rebernak new window - rebernak
    Colorful and energetic paintings online. Also includes a selection of fine art photography. - categories - Painters - Abstraction - American
  • Laurie Rubell new window - abstract artist
    Artist using space and color to create her abstract paintings in oil. Includes single, diptych and triptych works on canvas. - categories - Painters - Abstraction - American
  • Alexander Spivak new window - Poetic Symbolism
    Poetic Symbolism style of painting based on Surrealism and Fantastic Realism. - categories - Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Jackie Stubblefield new window - stubblefield
    Artwork depicting spiritual aspects of life. Unique symbols are used in literal interpretation. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Sharae Taylor new window - Angels by Sharae
    Fine art angel paintings and gallery of internationally recogized Angel artist producing "artwork your soul responds to". - categories - Painters - Commission Art - Fantasy Art - American
  • Elisa Vigliante new window - expressionist painter
    Art Brut paintings by outsider artist Elisa Vegliante. "Ms. Vegliante's work is an ongoing cultural diary of Western Civlization's mass hysteria at the breaking point." - categories - Painters - Expressionism - American -

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