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Embroidery and Fiber Art

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+ The Textile Art category includes a selection of fine artists working with textiles, fiber art, embroided arts, and fabric artworks.

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Listing of Textile Artists Listing of Textile Artists

  • Mayr Boros new window - spiritual artist
    Contemporary US spiritual artist showing textile art, quilted mosaics, stained glass, mandala art, and labyrinth inspired art. Poetry by the artist is also online. - categories -- Textile Artists - Spiritual Artists - American Artists
  • Elizabeth Cameron new window - fiber artist
    Fantasies in Fiber are collages of many different materials such as papers, foils, fabrics, and metallics. Each piece is original and signed by the artist. - categories -- Textile Art - Collage Art - American Artists
  • Tina Leahey new window - Textile Artist
    UK textile artist using the elements of texture, colour combinations and contrast of materials. Using materials discarded by society to make many original unique handcrafted creations. - categories -- Textile Art - Fine Art Jewelry - UK Artists
  • Linda Gass new window - linda gass
    Fiber artist showing a gallery of silk art, wearable art, quilts, and mixed media artworks. - categories - Textile Art
  • Submit Your Textile Website new window - submit Textile
    Click on the link above to submit your Textile Arts URL to our arts directory. - categories - Textile Art


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