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  • Jenny Armitage new window - Dancing Feather Studio
    Peacock feathered lions and leafy llamas by an American sculptor. Browse through an online gallery of whimsical animals and birds in polymer clay. - categories -- Sculptors - American Sculpture
  • T Barny new window - Stone Sculptor
    Californian sculptor offering stone wall hangings, primitive stone carvings, fountain sculptures, and curvilinear stone pieces. - categories -- Stone Sculptors - American Sculpture
  • Alicia Charlton new window - stone sculptures
    Stone sculptor offering one of a kind sculptures out of canadian, brazilian and black soapstone, alabaster and serpentine. - categories -- Sculptors - Stone Sculpture
  • Don Chase new window - canadian artist
    Canadian native artist working in a variety of mediums, with a portfolio of paintings, sculptures, and paper casts online. - categories -- Painters - Bronze Sculptors - Ethnic - Canadian -
  • Willy Conard new window - Walnut Design: Handcrafted Metal Wall Art
    Walnut Design produces handcrafted metal wall art for sale. Based in Comox Valley, Canada. - categories - Sculptors - Metal Sculptors
  • Christopher Mark Cook new window - American Painter and Sculptor
    Georgia based artist from the South of America, with a selection of paintings and sculpture using several styles. - categories -- Painters - Naive Art - Contemporary - American - Sculptors
  • Gordon Dickinson new window - uk artist
    Self taught painter and sculptor displaying an online portfolio of abstract and figurative works. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Metal Sculptors - United Kingdom
  • Eric Ehlenberger new window - neon sculpture
    New Orleans based artist creating neon art and neon sculpture. Neon gallery exhibitions includes metal, glass and neon sculpture, neon art installations, and modern neon clocks. - categories -- New Media Art -
    Mixed Media Sculptors - American
  • Michelle Farrell new window - new zealand sculptor
    Elegant figurative bronze sculpture by a New Zealand based sculptor. Subjects include the female form and horses. - categories -- Bronze Sculptors
  • Carole Feuerman new window - American Sculptor
    American realist sculptor of artistic bronze figures, realist scuplture and public art. - categories -- Bronze Sculptors - American Sculpture
  • Brian Goggin new window - brian goggin
    Mixed media sculptor creating site specific, public sculpture and installations from several materials and mediums. - categories (nf) - Sculptors - Mixed Media
  • Gérald Hach new window - swiss sculptor
    Figurative Swiss sculptor working in bronze, clay and plaster. Displaying sculpted portraits and the human form, using intense emotions to move the viewer. - categories -- Swiss - Bronze Sculptors
  • David Harber Sundials new window - sundials
    David Harber Sculpture workshop producing garden art, handcrafted sundials, obelisks and water features tailored to individual locations. Delivery to the United Kingdom and internationally. - categories - Sculptors - Sculpture Workshops
  • Paul Hawkins & Susan Zalkind new window - Alabaster Gem Carvings
    Susan Zalkind and Paul Hawkins have pioneered new forms and figures in contemporary American sculpture. The pair have sculpted new functional forms in hand gathered materials from throughout the southwestern United States. Their unique style of the medium has produced works of delicacy, most notably life-sized realistic roses and flowers. - categories -- Stone Sculptors - American Sculpture
  • Jonathan Hedge new window - stone carver and sculptor
    Stone carver and sculptor working in Cambridge, UK. Accepts commissions in stone. - categories (nf) - Sculptors - Stone
  • Carmen Hickson new window - The Red Pig Studio
    Mixed media sculptures using found and manipulated objects and contemporary non-representational paintings by a Canadian artist. - categories - Canadian Sculptors - Mixed Media Sculptors
  • Alex Manigod new window - Alexandromeda Futuristic Art
    Unique artworks created using old computer and electronic parts. Futuristc sculptures and various art creations. - categories - Sculptors - Mixed Media
  • Giambattista Marcucci new window - italian sculptor
    Abstract pen and ink drawings and clay sculpture from a portfolio of an Italian artist. Also includes a section about the mbirafon, a hand-made musical instrument. - categories -- Sculptors - Drawing
  • Brian Moore new window - realist artist
    New Zealand based artist working in oils, watercolours and bronze sculpture. He does limited editions of a selection of his works which range from game fishing to gold panning. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Bronze Sculptors - New Zealand
  • Kirk McGuire new window - bronze sclupture
    Online gallery of bronze sculpture depicting sea life, including the octopus and squid. - categories - Sculptors - Metal Sculptors
  • William Nutt new window - stone carver
    Original abstract and representational stone sculpture by a Vermont artist working in marble, limestone and dolomite. - categories - Sculptors - Stone
  • David L Phelps new window - sculpture studio
    Figurative American sculptor with a portfolio of sculpture online. Includes outdoor commissions, future works, and sculpture for sale in bronze and mixed media. - categories -- Sculptors - Bronze Sculptors - Mixed Media - American
  • Joseph P. Pizzuti new window - nautical bronzes
    Limited edition, bronze sculptures in nautical themes, such as pirates and fishermen, created with the lost wax process. - categories -- Sculptors - Bronze Sculptors - American
  • Vanessa Pooley new window - Bronze Sculptures
    Online gallery of contemporary figurative bronze sculptures of the female form, including mother and child and reclining nudes. - categories - Metal Sculptors - UK Sculptors
  • Stefanie Rocknak new window - rocknak
    Sculptor using various woods to carve and sculpt realist figurative works filled with emotion. - categories (nf) - Sculptors - Wood
  • Nicolai Shmatko new window - marble sculptures
    Virtual gallery of marble sculptures, paintings, artist biography, and exhibition news - categories -- Sculptors - Marble Sculptors
  • Bruce Sterling new window - wildlife carver
    Master wildlife carver working in Canada with a gallery of carvings online. Also includes carving supplies, instruction, and online carving projects. - categories -- Sculptors - Wood
  • StoneAge Art Company new window - stone sculptures
    Zimbabwean sculptors producing wooden and stone sculpture. Offering original Shona sculptures with free delivery in the United States and Canada. - categories -- Sculptors - Stone - Wood
  • Wayne Strickland new window - Bronze Sculptures
    Australian artist that sculpts in bronze and paints in oils and watercolors, working to capture Australia's heritage and identity. - categories -- Australian Sculpture - Animals - Australia - Bronze Sculptors
  • Monika Teal new window - swiss artist
    Artist that seeks to respond to the world around her and the sacredness of nature. The artist's paintings and 3D works are pulled from her American Indian heritage and a childhood spent in nature. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Mixed Media Sculptors - Swiss Artists
  • Lyndel Thomas new window - Australian painter sculptor
    Australian artist painting in oil, pastel and acrylic in a tonal representational or impressionistic style. The artist also sculpts in bronze and mixed media covering both the representational and the symbolic genres. Private commissions for portraits, landscapes, still life and sculpture are accepted. - categories -- Impressionist - Australian Painters - Australian Sculptors
  • Boaz Vaadia new window - new york sculptor
    New York sculptor working with the figure in stone and bronze. - categories (nf) - Sculptors - Metal - Stone
  • Tony Ward new window - Fine sculptured woodwork
    Craftsman of beautiful art sculptured boxes, working with fine Australian timbers such as Red Cedar, Rosewood, Silky Oak, Coachwood and Myrtle wood. - categories -- Sculptors - Wood Sculpture
  • John Clair Watts new window - john clair watts
    An accomplished Canadian sculptor artist whose website features his assemblage gallery, sculptor exhibitions, artist portfolio, artist reviews, and resources online. - categories - Canadian Sculptors - Mixed Media Sculptors
  • Derek Weisberg new window - mixed media sculptor
    Ceramic sculpture with emotional appeal influenced by contemporary, hip-hop culture. - categories -- Contemporary Paintings -
    Mixed Media Sculptors - American
  • Dixie Whatley new window - American Sculptor
    US sculptor using stone as her primary medium of expression, from steatite to marble to granite. Much of her work gives stone a sense of lightness. Her flowing pieces have been characterized as 'organic' and 'sensual'. Whatley shows in galleries in Boston, Los Angeles and Florida, USA. - categories -- Sculptors - Stone Sculptors - American Sculpture
  • Foot Young new window - stone sculpture
    Sculptor displaying a large online gallery of different sculptures, ranging from the classically realistic through to surrealism. They are available as originals or reproductions in several mediums and the sizes range from the jewelry size to the monumental. The artist's gallery is at Hamilton Island, on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. - categories -- Sculptors - Stone Sculpture - Australian Sculpture
  • Submit Your Sculpture Website new window - submit famous artists website
    Click on the link above to submit your Sculptor URL to our arts directory. - categories - Sculptors


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