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Contemporary Painters and Artists Painters "W" - Fine Artists

  • Jill Stefani Wagner new window - watercolor artist
    American artist working with watercolors and pastels to create landscapes, still lifes, figures, views of Tuscany, and more. - categories -- Painters - Pastels - Watercolor - American
  • Erika Wain new window - American Artist
    Artist using oil paints, multi-media, giclee, installation, and architectural/naturalist photography to create contemporary works of art. - categories -- Painters - Giclees - Contemporary - American
  • Caroline Waite new window - The Secret Life of Objects
    American based, British artist showing a collection of work divided in to different categories, current exhibits and the background of ideas. The site shows intricate, intimate and mysterious, hand built assemblages. - categories -- Assemblage Artists - American
  • Nicole Wang new window - Michael Jackson Portrait Arts
    Michael Jackson Portrait Arts is a website dedicated to the memory of the famous pop singer Michael Jackson. Showing watercolors and drawings by Nicole Wang. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - Canadian Artists
  • Sven Wangemann new window - drawings and art graphics
    Drawings and graphic art by a German artist. Showing portraits, nature and still lifes, mostly drawn with ink and/or pencils. Some works are digitally worked on afterwards. - categories -- Drawing Artists - German Artists
  • Amanda Ward new window - Sensual Art
    Figuative art with an appreciation of the human form in all its glory. Original unique paintings. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Realist - Erotic Art
  • Amanda Ward new window - artist sculptor
    Unique artwork by a UK based artist and sculptor. Wide range of art from drawings, paintings, sculpture and photography. Commissions welcome. - categories -- Painters - Commissioned Art - Pop Art - United Kingdom
  • Cliff Warner new window - UK Painter
    Contemporary figurative art in various styles by a UK artist. Subjects include jazz themes, the human figure, angels and more. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Jazz Art - Angel Art
  • Chuck Weber new window - Portraits in Pencil and Oils
    Portraits in pencil and oils from photos by a Wisconsin artist. Photo-realistic pencil portraits and interpretive oil portraits and paintings. Prints available. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - American - Artist Prints
  • Miri Weible new window - florals, seascapes, and tuscan scenes
    Bright, colorful, large, original, acrylic on canvas paintings for home and office decor. Includes paintings of Tuscan landscapes, Tuscan sunsets, poppies, roses, iris, California seascapes, and abstracts. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Kristina Wentzell new window - American Artist
    Contemporary American painter displaying a selection of impressionist landscapes, still lifes, florals, and paintings of nature in oils and watercolors. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Watercolors - American
  • Yvonne West new window - australian artist
    Online profile of an Australian artist wil a selection of abstracts, landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna, life drawing and commissions. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Traditional - Australia
  • Anthony White new window - australian artist
    Contemporary Australian artist influenced by popular culture and his previous career as a stockbroker. - categories -- Painters - Pop Artists - Contemporary - Australia
  • Paul Wightmanan new window - life on canvas
    Life On canvas is a collection of affordable contemporary art by uk artist pad. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - United Kingdom
  • Vivienne Williams new window - British Artist
    Contemporary British artist in Wales painting mostly interiors and still lifes. Subjects include flowers, fruit, pots, jugs and bowls. - categories -- UK - Contemporary - Still Life
  • Angelique Wilson new window - canadian artists
    Contemporary painter and photographer exploring a range of emotional and cultural concepts, accepting commissions. Available to photograph or paint loved ones, pets or create a unique painting for your business or home. - categories -- Commission Art - Canadian Artists - Canadian Photographers
  • Lauren B Wilson new window - lauren wilson
    Original works of art from a Canadian artist. Gallery includes drawings, paintings, figurative works with many of the featured works available for sale. - categories -- Painters - Drawing - Canadian
  • Karel Witt new window - Wittbeat art gallery
    Contemporary artist based in Bern, Switzerland, displaying an online gallery of Dada inspired (Deonada) paintings. - categories -- Painters - Surrealism - Swiss


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