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+ The Contemporary Working Painters from all categories where the artist's surname begins with "L".

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Contemporary Painters and Artists Painters "L" - Fine Artists

  • Shelley Laffal new window - shelley laffal
    Large scale contemporary oil portraits for commission and emotionally charged figurative landcsapes. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American - Portraiture
  • Nevan Lahart new window - nevan lahart
    Contemporary Irish artist working in several mediums, addressing contemporary issues and topics. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - Irish - Multiple Media
  • Anne Langdon new window - Australian painter
    Australian printmaker, painter and artist working in various other mediums. Studio situated in scenic Smythesdale, Victoria, Australia amid the kangaroos, cockatoos and chickens. The artist works in a figurative manner with her own dreamlike qualities that establish her original style. - categories -- Painters - Mosaic Artists - Mixed Media - Australia
  • Brian LaSaga new window - Realism Artist
    Newfoundland realist painter captures rustic and nature themes in original acrylic paintings on panel. - categories -- Painters - Realism - Canadian
  • Akvile Lawrence new window - Wildlife Paintings
    Swedish wildlife artist who gets the inspiration for her paintings from the nature and wildlife of Sweden, Canada and Great Brtitain. Akvile paints in a realistic, highly detailed style, paying particular attention to colour and shadow. Prints and originals are available. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Artists - Swedish Artists
  • Tina Leahey new window - Textile Artist
    UK textile artist using the elements of texture, colour combinations and contrast of materials. Using materials discarded by society to make many original unique handcrafted creations. - categories -- Textile Art - Fine Art Jewelry - UK Artists
  • Dr Sam Lam new window - Contemporary Artist
    Online portfolio which is a blend of oil paintings, photography, illustrations and graphic design. Dr Sam Lam is based in Dallas, Texas. - categories -- Abstract Artists - American Artists - American Illustrators
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Art and Animal Paintings
    Original art featuring paintings and drawings of whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures. Working mainly in colored pencil, India ink and acrylic mediums. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Melody Lea Lamb new window - Miniature Wildlife Art
    Commercial website of the wildlife and fantasy artist Melody Lea Lamb. Products with whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures include T-shirts, greeting cards, magnets, coffee cups, art on tiles, jewelry boxes, and original art. - categories -- Painters - Miniatures - Animal Art - American
  • Ojars Lasmanis new window - ojars
    Latvian born painting in an impressionist manner. Includes still life, landscapes, and portrait paintings. - categories - Painters - Impressionism - Latvian
  • Alan Lawson new window - swiss artist
    Contemporary landscapes and portraits in oil by an artist based in Switzerland. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Swiss
  • Jim Lee new window - surfing art
    American artist showing surfing inspired art, waves, oceanic, beachscapes and spiritual paintings. - categories -- Painters - Landscape Painters - American Artists
  • Roland Lee new window - watercolor paintings
    Original watercolor paintings and giclees of the American and European landscape. - categories -- Painters - Watercolor - Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Tricia Poulos Leonard new window - impressionist and abstract painting
    Gallery of original artwork by an American artist in impressionist and abstract style using watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and collage material on watercolor paper, canvas and masonite. - categories -- Painters - Impressionists - Watercolor - American Painters
  • Dana Levin new window - The New School of Classical Art
    Information on the atelier and personal artist website of the traditional realist artist. The New School of Classical Art is the realist art training school of Dana Levin. - categories -- Painters - Art Schools and Training - Realist - American
  • Jaynee Levy-Polis new window - funny fine art
    Humorous contemporary fine art and Rubenesque nudes in Matisse-like slice-of-life scenes. Realistic through to expressionist styles with rich color and varied textures. Commissions are accepted. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Nudes - American
  • Andrew Lewandowski new window - intuitive painter
    Intuitive painter creating colorful and childlike works. The artist uses form and color to describe his inner world which is sometimes jubilant, sometimes sad, but always honest and direct. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Outsider Art - American
  • Charlotte Light new window - seascape paintings
    Romantic seascape artist painting traditional realistic oil seascapes with a romantic mood, which capture the feel and the movement of the sea on canvas. - categories -- Painters - Landscape Artists - American Painters
  • Arturo Lini new window - italian artist
    Eclectic Italian abstract painter and poet with several galleries of work online, including the "Visual Poetry" series. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - Mixed Media - Italian
  • Lucas Lipan new window - lucas lipan
    Fauvist palette of Abstract Expressionism, paintings surreal and symbolic, illustrating philosophical comments on the current human condition. - categories - Painters - Expressionism - American
  • Dave Lowe new window - uk illustrator
    Online portfolio of paintings and illustrations by a United Kingdom based artist. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Illustrators
  • Katalin Luczay new window - Luczay Fine Art
    Contemporary representational seascapes, landscape and still life paintings of American scenes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Still Life - American Artists
  • Laurie Anne Lusk new window - Sam from Savannah
    Contemporary art inspired by coastal scenes found in the warm climates of the Southeastern United States. Artistic endeavors focus on paintings in acrylic and watercolor, but may include the occasional experiment in other forms of art. Graphic design services include print and multimedia. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American - Graphic Designers
  • Alain Lutz new window - french artist
    Contemporary French painter showing several online galleries of paintings that include landscapes, portraits, cityscapes, townscapes, and more. - categories -- Painters - Realist - French
  • Mayke Sassen de Lutz new window - contemporary artist illustrator
    Contemporary Dutch born French painter and book illustrator displaying a selection of quirky, expressive cityscapes, landscapes, town views, and illustrations online. - categories -- Painters - Illustrators - Contemporary - French


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