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  • Jee Sa-Ngiam new window - thai artist
    Online portfolio of a Thai artist living and working in Europe. Displaying a selection of contemporary figurative paintings and drawings influenced by both Asia and Europe. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - Thailand
  • Carol Santora new window - Santora Fine Art
    Gallery of big cat and wildlife paintings, domestic animals, seascapes and florals in soft pastel, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Art Instruction - American
  • Nelson Santos new window - portuguese caricaturist
    Online portfolio of a Portuguese caricaturist. Includes illustrations of celebrities like the Dalai Lama, 50 Cent, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. - categories -- Caricaturists - Portuguese Artists
  • Gary Sargeant new window - british artist
    Contemporary British artist with news, past exhibitions, examples of Sargeant's work and more online. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Contemporary - Drawing
  • Stephanie Sasaki new window - Miniature Realm
    Artist specializes in painting pewter miniatures of 25mm scale and larger. Can be used for roleplaying games or to display. All genres accepted including fantasy, sci fi and modern. - categories -- Miniature Art - American Artists
  • Michael Sass new window - new zealand artist
    New Zealand landscape artist painting in pastels and oils. Creating large and detailed paintings which are framed and ready to ship. - categories -- Painters - Realist - New Zealand
  • Jerry Sauls new window - oil paintings
    Original realist oil paintings, limited edition sports art and seascape prints by an American artist. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - Realism - American
  • Gillie and Marc Schattner new window - contemporary sydney artists
    Sydney couple with art that is a meshing of figurative expressionism and pop art, exploring themes of contentment and happiness. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Pop Artists - Australia
  • Glen A. Schofield new window - realist artist
    Realistic seascapes and landscapes by landscape painter Glen Schofield. The work is bold, vivid, colorful and rendered with great detail. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Realist - American
  • Dorethea Schuetz new window - german painter
    Bold and expressive works that include landscape paintings, figurative works and abstracts by a German artist. - categories - Painters - Expressionist - German
  • Paul Scott new window - Billy and Me
    Billy & Me is an artist couple that create individual artworks and unique gifts. Includes contemporary artworks, ink prints, canvas artworks, limited editions, Illustrations, photographic images and personal commission artworks
    . - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Commissions - UK
  • Tim Seaward new window - Abstract art
    Meditative acrylic abstract paintings online by a UK based artist. Also offering a range of surreal drawings. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Abstract
  • Sej new window - Original Abstract Art
    Contemporary Australian abstract painter designing works to suit the client's living space. Includes paintings with a strong organic feel made from oil, acrylic and mixed media. - categories -- Painters - Abstract Artists - Commissions - Australian Artists
  • Nathalie Severin new window - american painter
    A fusion of natural and man-made textures, emphasized with paint and color. Commissions available. - categories -- Painters - Commissions - Digital Artist - American
  • Moin Shah new window - pakistani artist
    Expressionist Pakistani painter displaying a selection of figurative works. Includes still lifes, town life and people interacting. - categories - Painters - Expressionism - Pakistani
  • Martina Shapiro new window - expressionist paintings
    Vibrant figurative oil paintings by an expressive Canadian painter. Includes expressionist female nudes, still life with flowers, cityscapes and more. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Canadian
  • Ian Sheldon new window - Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration
    Online gallery of fine art for landscapes and skyscapes in oil, architectural watercolours, limited edition giclee prints (incl. Cambridge University), illustrations and books by the artist. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Canadian - Giclee Art Prints - Illustrators
  • Elaine Sheridan new window - mosaic artist
    Mosaic artist working in Florida, USA with an online gallery of mosaics and accepting commissoins. Artist works with vitreous tiles, stained glass, porcelain tiles, and pebbles. - categories -- Mosaic Artists - American
  • Don Sibley new window - Sibley Fine Art
    Canadian artist painting bold images from the Mediterranean region and original commissions from photos. Also displaying still life and landscape paintings from Canada. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Commissions - Canadian
  • Wes & Rachelle Siegrist new window - Miniature Wildlife Paintings
    Husband and wife team who specialize in miniature watercolor paintings. Browse through galleries of portraits, animal art, landscapes, and floral art. - categories -- Painters - Wildlife Art - Watercolor - American
  • Karri Simmons new window - paint my pet portraits
    American artist specializes in acrylic pet portraits painted in a realistic, fun style. - categories -- Painters - Pet Portraits - Dogs - American
  • Brian Simons new window - canadian artist
    Online portfolio of a Canadian artist displaying bold, colorful paintings. Includes a selection of paintings, acrylic painting course book, art cards, and artist workshops. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Canadian - E-Books
  • Jane Simonson new window - landscape oil paintings
    Collection of recent oil paintings including landscapes, seascapes, still life, and pet portraits, plus some additional creative projects such as hand painted housewares, jewelry, and murals. Accepts commissions featuring pets and landscapes. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Commissions - American
  • Susan Meyer Sinyai new window - Susan Meyer Sinyai Fine Art
    Oil and pastel fine art paintings by Asheville, North Carolina artist, Susan Sinyai. Paintings are done in a classical, realistic style and are characterized by evocative light and vibrant color. - categories -- Painters - Landscapes - Pastels - American
  • Edward Skallberg new window - artist blog
    American artist offering fine romantic oil paintings online at affordable prices. Subjects include landscapes, flowers, still lifes, and more. - categories -- Painters - Artist Blogs - American
  • Steve Slimm new window - gallery of new Contemporary Art
    Worldwide distribution of contemporary art prints and original paintings that capture the timeless essence of Cornwall and the Cornish landscape. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - UK Artists - Artist Prints
  • Chris Silver Smith new window - Chris Silver Smith, Artist
    Artist known for paintings illustrating the Texas A&M University campus map and other realistic and surrealistic paintings. - categories -- Painters - Traditional Painters - American
  • Linda Smith new window - linda smith
    Aboriginal Australian artist registered as a “Certified Indigenous Creator” by the National Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association. - categories - Painters - Australian Aboriginal
  • Martin Smith new window - Art on my Wall
    Choose from a choice of original modern, contemporary, fine art and abstract paintings. Offering commissions to suit your environment, which complement the walls in your home or office. - categories -- Painters - United Kingdom - Art Commissions - Abstract
  • Christine Wrest Smith new window - Australian Artist
    Australian visual artist whose work is influenced by nature and the human condition. Her work is predominately in paint and/or charcoal. The artist exhibits regularly and also runs workshops and classes. - categories -- Painters - Portraits - Drawing - Australian Artists
  • George H. Smyth new window - irish artist
    An archive of the paintings of Irish artist George Henry Smyth dating back to 1990 and including his student work as well as the album covers for the band Therapy. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Irish
  • Dina Soker new window - Contemporary Artist
    Israel born American artist based in Illinois. Producing bold and colorful "consciousness raising" contemporary art. - categories -- Painters - Abstract - American
  • Jose A. Soto new window - charcoal realist
    Mexican contemporary charcoal realist painter who uses pastel, oil, and charcoal to show the beauty of his country through the depiction of its people. - categories -- Painters - Mexican - Realist - Drawing
  • Alexander Spivak new window - Poetic Symbolism
    Poetic Symbolism style of painting based on Surrealism and Fantastic Realism. - categories - Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Jinx Springer new window - american artist
    Artist showing a variety of subjects using several mediums, including oils, watercolors and acrylics. Commissions are available. - categories -- Painters - Commissions - Horse Art - American
  • Anne Stahl new window - Contemporary, abstract landscape painting
    Contemporary, abstract, landscape paintings by California artist. - categories -- Painters - Abstraction - Contemporary - American
  • Anny Steensen new window - decorative painter
    Hand painted mural and decorative painter from Denmark working with interior designers, businesses and home owners to create murals, decorative artwork and color consultation. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Jeanene Stein new window - giclee prints
    Limited edition giclee prints on canvas for sale online by an American artist. Painting in a colorful, contemporary realist and impressionistic style. - categories -- Giclee Art Prints - American
  • Marilyn Stevens new window - American Artist
    Mixed media artist featuring portfolio of 2-d and 3-d work. Site includes contact, commissions and information about the artist. - categories -- Assemblage Art - Mixed Media - American
  • Serena Stevens new window - Paintings and Pastel Drawings
    Online site displaying the contemporary, abstract and semi-abstract paintings, pastel paintings and drawings of an England born artist working in Bahrain. - categories -- Painters - Pastel Artists - Bahrain Artists
  • Graeme Stevenson new window - Graeme Stevenson Art
    Website covers a wide variety of subject matter, from big cats in Africa to surrealism with beautiful women, to fantasy and angels. - categories -- Painters - Fantasy Art - Wildlife Art - Australian
  • Eric Stewart new window - pet portrait artist
    Realist portrait painter accepting commissions for pets and family portraits. Includes intimate portraits of dogs, cats, and horses online. - categories -- Portrait Artists - Pet Portraits - American
  • Marc St-Jean new window - canadian artist
    Contemporary Canadian painter and illustrator based in Quebec, Canada. (French) - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Illustrator - Canadian
  • Karel Stoop new window - spanish artist
    Contemporary expressionist painter, installation artist, and experimental photographer working in Spain. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - Spanish - Experimental Photographer
  • Marko Stout new window - new york art
    Contemporary New York City artist who uses universal archetypes, symbolism and collective unconscious imagery to examine human and societal conditions. - categories -- Painters - Abstraction - American Artists
  • Wayne Strickland new window - Bronze Sculptures
    Australian artist that sculpts in bronze and paints in oils and watercolors, working to capture Australia's heritage and identity. - categories -- Australian Sculpture - Animals - Australia - Bronze Sculptors
  • Jackie Stubblefield new window - stubblefield
    Artwork depicting spiritual aspects of life. Unique symbols are used in literal interpretation. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - American
  • Alberto Sughi new window - alberto sughi
    Website presenting paintings of italian leading contemporary artist Alberto Sughi. Bio-bibliographical sources. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Italian
  • Pansa Sunavee new window - abstract thai artist
    Thai painter using oriental philosophy for inspiration to create abstract paintings using several mudiums. - categories - Painters - Abstract - Thailand
  • Sunita Sur new window - uk artist
    Online gallery of a UK artist offering limited edition fine art giclee prints and oil paintings. - categories -- Painters - Traditional - United Kingdom - Giclee Art Prints
  • Julia Sweda new window - mural artist
    Tile murals, decorative hand painted ceramic tiles for kitchen, backsplash or bathroom murals and art tiles. Mural artist for custom tile painting and designs. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - Ceramic Tiles - American
  • Jeno Szervanszky new window - hungarian artist
    Selection of post impressionist paintings and works on paper by a Hungarian artist. Also includes information on the musicians Endre and Péter Szervánszky. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Pastels - Hungarian


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