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+ The Painters from all categories where the artist's surname begins with "J".

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Contemporary Painters and Artists Painters "J" - Fine Artists

  • Harvey Jackson new window - muralist harvey jackson
    Showcasing some of the largest mural art in the world and promoting the services of the American muralist Harvey Jackson. Also displaying a selection of innovative weathered steel fine art. - categories -- Painters - Muralists - American
  • Don James new window - Australian Painter
    An Australian oil painter residing and teaching in Melbourne. Includes lansdcapes, portraits, and still life paintings. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - Australia
  • Corey Janssen new window - Exressionist Artist
    Expressionist paintings and sculpture portfolio of the artist, with contact information for buyers and galleries. - categories -- Painters - Expressionist - American - American Sculptors
  • Wartena Jan Willem new window - artxs
    Art, science and in particular gene technology form the central theme of Wartena’s work. Dutch artist working with several mediums to create drawings, sculpture and photography. - categories (el) -
    New Media Art - Dutch - Multiple Media
  • Daniele Jaquillard new window - french artist
    French artist displaying a selection of contemporary abstract and figurative paintings online. - categories - Painters - Contemporary - French
  • Monique Jarry new window - Canadian artist
    Online gallery showing the art work and writings of a Canadian artist. The works are in chronological order; from her early days to the most recent. The site is bilingual (French/English). - categories -- Drawing Artists - Canadian Artists
  • Benjaminas Jencius new window - jencius
    Abstract watercolours made on large textured paper in a contemporary manner by a Lithuanian artist. - categories - Painters - Abstraction - Lithuanian - Watercolor
  • Eva Ryn Johannissen new window - Contemporary abstract oil paintings by Ryn
    Contemporary abstracts in the expressionist tradition by a Swedish artist living in the UK. Colourful oil paintings exploring the inner life. - categories - Painters - Abstract - United Kingdom
  • Tony Johansen new window - A Life of Art
    Portfolio of figurative works in a variety of mediums by an Australian painter. Includes paintings, sculpture, drawings, writings, new media, photography, and digital art. - categories -- Painters - Contemporary - Drawings - Australia
  • L. Diane Johnson new window - Plein-Air Landscape Painter
    Plein-air and studio landscapes of gardens, architecture, sea and land from the United States and Europe by an American artist in acrylic, oil and soft pastel. - categories -- Painters - Impressionist - American
  • Carroll Jones III new window - realist art
    Gallery of paintings and drawings by an American realist artist. Subjects include street scenes and glimpses of urban life. - categories -- Painters - Realist - Drawings - American
  • Ian Jones new window - Australian artist
    Online portfolio of a contemporary abstract painter. Ian Jones Design also offers building design and architect services in NSW, Australia. - categories -- Painters - Architects - Abstract - Australia
  • Nicky Jones new window - faithful friends
    Lifelike portraits in acrylic by a UK based artist, specialising in detailed paintings of dogs, horses, cats, people, and wildlife from photographs. - categories - Painters - Pet Portraits - United Kingdom
  • Nicole Justin new window - justin design
    Surreal fantasy paintings depicting aliens and surreal scenes. Also includes angels and dolls for sale. - categories - Painters - Surrealism - American
  • Submit Art Site new window - van oostrom
    Submit your artists url to the Linkism art directory. - categories - Painters - Contemporary


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